Night view of Seruni Hotel III Main entrance

Seruni Hotel II

Balinese style waterfall in front of Seruni Hotel II 

Are you live in Jakarta and surrounding? Have no time to travel to another provinces or countries, But need some "time" to refresh your mind and recharge your energy? then why don't you try to spend your weekend in this beautiful Hotel in Cisarua, Bogor named "Seruni Hotel". It located in Cisarua, Bogor, near to Taman Safari Cisarua. With more than 4 types of pool, Fresh air, Beautiful view right from the balcony and super awesome architecture, Now it's become my favorite Hotel in Bogor Area. Play in the Sandy pool, do massage, spending time in Jacuzzi pool.  What a One stop entertainment! and now my family also fall in love with this Hotel

 Children pool

 Sandy Pool (my fave)

It mixed Indonesian cultures with Greek and Western culture on the architecture of the hotel's building. We can find many Balinese style sculptures, but we also could find some Rome and Greek style sculptures.

The room is huge and full of Javanese ornaments. Some rooms have connecting door to the next room, so it's really perfect for family gathering or for those who travelling in groups :).

 My family room *love the ornament on the ceiling*

Another type of room *upps my brother caught on camera*

 The balcony

visit their website for room rate and packages

Disclaimer: It wasn't paid article, honestly I love the architecture and the facilities, so I really want to share it to you.

Let's continue our previous review about Dubai Mall, Recognize the building I shown above? It's name is Burj Khalifa, it located in Dubai Mall areas (outside the Dubai Mall building of course). Burj Khalifa becoming the highest building on the earth now, it has 828 meters high. Beside as "the highest building in the world" it also has another records like; Tallest free-standing structure in the world, Highest number of stories in the world, Highest occupied floor in the world, Highest outdoor observation in the world, Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world, and tallest service elevator in the world. *wheww*

The construction started in January 2004 and finished in January 2010. If you really want to know the view from the top of the building, you can go to Burj Khalifa's Observation deck called "At The Top". The access to go to "At The Top" is from lower ground level of Dubai Mall. To go to the top you have to pay AED 100 for adults and AED 75 for children below 13 years old. Unfortunately, I didn't go to the top when i was in Dubai, I don't know whether I'm too scared of high or too scared of the elevator. Fyi, I have a claustrophobia, so "sometimes" if i'm in the small room like an elevator it makes me panic.

What's inside?

Beside the Observation deck, there are Armani Hotel, residences, Offices and restaurants. The residences located between level 19 to level 108, can you imagine living in the apartment level 108 ? Watching this experience only through "Mission Impossible Movie" already makes me raised my eyebrow. I can't handle it, it too high for me hahahahahaaa. The offices occupies 37 levels of the building. It has indoor/outdoor swimming pools on level 42, 76 and 123. Swimming pool on level 123??? Well, maybe it should break another record.

And here come the question, what equipment that they used to pump water to level 160 ?? *just curious* maybe they use repeater *IT minded*
I just found this cool website, yeaah a lil bit late, but it fun anyway. You can mapped your travel places on the world map and mark the want-to-go countries on the map. Well this web makes us easier to share our travel diary by using Scrapbook feature.

And here's my map, it just 1% visited =.=

Yes, I am a Theme Park Junkie :p, I love to visit theme park, DUFAN (Jakarta), USS (Singapore), Sega Republic (Dubai) and my next trip on December, i'm planning to visit Legoland and Hello kitty town in Johor Bahru, Malaysia *yeaaayyyy*. Before I''m going to those places, I simply check to their website and search for ticket promotion. If there isn't promotion on the parks, try to contact your travel agent in your country, perhaps they have one. Actually, I already bought the admission ticket from Legoland Booth in Lego Exhibition that held in Gandaria City (one of the mall in South Jakarta) for 1 Legoland ticket it cost me IDR 288.000 from normal price RM140, approx IDR 448.000 (RM 1=  IDR 3200)What a big discount right? . On my previous trip to Singapore, I also bought Universal Studios Singapore (USS) ticket from travel agent in Indonesia, for Weekday normal price it will cost you S$ 68 for adults and S$ 50 for children, but since I bought the tickets from travel agent, I just paid S$62 approx IDR 452.600 (S$ 1 = IDR 7300).

For those who have not come yet to USS, here you go i'm gonna share some info about it.

This Theme Park is located in Resort World Sentosa in Singapore, the easiest way to reach USS is by using MRT and continue with Sentosa Express that may cost you S$3 for round trip or maybe in case you need another exciting way, why don't you try use Cable Car from HarbourFront.

USS have seven zones to explore, I'm start my day with a clockwise direction from the official map

Hollywood street

from the entrance, We will see a huge street with american style buildings on the side, in Hollywood zone we can find merchandise shops and restaurants. It has one theater attraction named "Pantages Hollywood Theater"

 Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Now let's ride the movie, in this zone we will feel the "jungle-like-theme" just like in Madagascar movie. We can ride Madagascar: A Crate Adventure or King Jullien's Beach Party-Go-Round. Don't forget to visit Madagascar's Merchandise shop, a lot of cute and cool stuff to bring as souvenir here. *headache already*


Ogre's House

Shrek 4D

Enchanted Airways

We would see a HUGE PALACE that become a place for SHREK 4D attraction just a step away from the entrance to the Far Far Away Zone. If you have children with you, they can also enjoy Donkey Live (next to merchandise shop SHREK) and Magic Potion Spin (inside the Merchandise shop). Dare yourself with Enchanted Airways, a junior coaster with-not-categories-as-junior-coaster I think.


Canopy Flyer

Water world

You can visit Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, It is a river raft in the dark. There also Canopy flyer, Dino Soarin and Amber Rock Climb. Make sure you didn't miss Waterworld the sensational "live" water shoe, bring your rain coat if you want to seat on wet zone


Mummy Revenge

Woohooo, this is another cool zone. I love the experience on the Mummy Revenge ride, We ride it twice. Well, if you not brave enough to ride mummy revenge, you can enjoy Treasure Hunters.


Battlestar Galactica

In this zone, I only played Transformers the ride twice, I'm not brave enough to try Battlestar Galactica: Cyclon or Human. I don't ride the Accelerator as well, too afraid of the dizziness. hahahaha


It said that Sesame street "live" show attraction just released in USS, Woowww, at that time I can only found Stage 28 show and the unique building around.

What are you waiting for? let's come and enjoy the ride

Some of the pictures credited to Desy Nurmala and Wenny
Mall of Emirates

The Souk - Dubai Mall

Burj Al Arab's View from Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Burj Khalifa (Noon Version)

Burj Khalifa (Night Version)
**edited May 14th 2013** Previously Dubai Aquarium hold Guinness World Record as The largest single acrylic panel, Well they have to give the predicate to S.E.A Aquarium in Singapore from now on :D

Yeay, just came back from my AWESOME holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I spent around 8 days in my uncle's apartment. Dubai is tidy, dusty and sophisticated, what can i say? They built artificial island in a BIG area, with BIG apartment, hotel, town houses and business center on it. They also have the tallest building in the world, it was built in the sandy area hmm desert area. Oh I can believe my eyes.

For today post, I will share about Dubai Mall :)

Dubai Mall is located next to Sheikh Zayed Road, interchange No.1. There are department stores, branded stores, leisure attractions and dining places here. We can easily do a broad variety of shopping from food, cakes, jewelry, perfumes to clothes. The first attraction that extracted me is DUBAI AQUARIUM, they built a huge aquarium inside the mall? I cant believe my eyes. Its size is 51 m x 20 m x 11 m, and also has the world's largest viewing panel at 32,8 m wide and 8.3 m high. I found many variety of fishes in it, sharks, rays, some amazon-big-size fishes and many more. It has acrylic walk-through tunnel, look alike "Seaworld tunnel in DUFAN (Jakarta)" but it's shorter. Admission fee for this attraction is 55AED for combo ticket approx IDR 145.750 (*1 AED = 2650 IDR), we can enjoy dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, and they also have premium ticket 80AED = IDR 212.000  for adding Behind the scenes tour and gift shop voucher from the previous package. If you want add your experiences by taking glass-bottom boat ride you have to pay 110 AED for the ticket.

oww to bad, they should replace this :( 

My other favorite place in Dubai Mall is The Souk. We can find jewelry, merchandise and watches store around here. The architecture is so unique and beautiful.  

to be continued