Durian Here, There and Everywhere

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As I walked down the street heading to Jonker street, all I can smell was Durian. I tried to figure it out where was that smell came from. Then I realized there were many tourists eating Durian Ice Cream around me. 

Me : "Why there's so many Durian dish around?" 
My Cousin : "This place is famous with it"
Me : "Really never heard it before"
My Cousin : "Welcome, then"

This kind of fruit wasn't a new for me, since I live in Jakarta. Beside rain season and dry season, we also have durian season hahahaha *kidding*, however this is true that it is a seasonal fruit. When the Durian season comes, we can easily find Durian stall along the street. I didn't think that Malacca famous for this fruit in the first place. Look around and we can easily find stall which sell Durian dish.

Suddenly I remembered my last trip to Vietnam, the guide show me Jackfruit, Dragon fruit and Durian. Then she was confused why I didn't look curious to those fruits just like other tourists. I said, "I from Indonesia maam, I can easily find those fruits in my city" then she laughed and understand my reaction before.  

Durian Ice Cream - Just Berrys

Durian Cendol - The Tree

They are Durian Big Fans, My aunt and My cousin

Durian Fire Ball - Durian King

How if I don't like Durian? So, you have the same problem like me. I don't like it nevertheless I used to like it, confusing huh? it's a long story. Well, my cousin said Durian in Malacca is really good and I will regret it if I don't try it some, still I didn't taste it :D

If you like Durian go ahead and try some kinds of dish with Durian around Jonker Street. Durian Ice, Durian Ice cream, Durian Snow Ice, Cendol Durian, Durian Chips, Durian Spring roll, Durian Fire Ball and Durian Crispy Roll you choose people :).

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  1. durian fire ball? oh good, looks tempting!! *lap iler*

    1. Suka durian yah kakk? mampir ke penang atau melaka, dijamin seharian penuh puuuuassss makan dureeenn

  2. Aku pecinta buah durian, tapi kalo makanan olahan durian malah ga suka :(

    1. eh kok lucu? hihihi aku malahan hal kayak itu berlaku di buah jeruk, aku bisa makan buat jeruk, tapi ga bisa minum sirop-sirop jeruk dipasaran, pasti abis itu langsung radang tenggorokan. Palingan bisa jeruk peres aja hihihihihi

  3. Dan gw paling ngak demen ama durian, cium bau nya bikin gw mual :(

    1. hahahah dulu aku juga pernah gitu kak, tapi untungnya kesinian udah ga mabok-mabok amat kalo nyium bau duren, tapi tetep ga bisa makannya :D

  4. durian, mana durian *clingak clinguk

    selalu menunggu musim buah dureen.. :D

    1. iya yahh, kalo di Jakarta lagi musim duren, banyak banget yg jual dipinggiran jalan, duh baunya sampe kemana-mana :))


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