Having Fun with Birds at KL Bird Park

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Something came out in my mind when I planned to visit Kuala Lumpur along with my families. I have 2 years old niece which means I need to find a suitable place for her but also have to please my 15th years old younger brother. Suddenly, I came out with an Idea to visit KL Bird Park which greeted enthusiastically by my sister and my niece, but it didn't happen to my brother. I need to find another way to explain it to my brother, therefore I read more review about KL bird park first. 

KL Bird Park is a world largest free-flight walk-in aviary

Me : "Have you ever been to a bird free-flight walk-in aviary?"
My brother : "it's a same thing with the one I visited in TMII Bird Park, right?" (a bird park located in Miniland Indonesia, Jakarta)
Me : "yes, it's similar but it bigger, at that time we only saw stork and goose on a free flight area, right? How about peacock? Have you ever seen pink parrots, the turkey sized crowned pigeon?"
My brother : "wait, wait, can I see a peacock in front of my eyes? without a cage?"
Me : "Yes, and I bet it will be healthier than the one you have found on my Nong Nooch village pictures in Pattaya" 
My brother : "Well, count me in then!"

yeaah problem solved.

don't forget to follow the park rules

entrance tickets

click to enlarge

Kl bird park is divided by 4 zones;

Zone 1 and 2 are free-flight area where you can found birds fly, walk and roam in the park
Zone 3 is Hornbill park
Zone 4 is caged birds area, playground and an amphitheater where you can watch Bird show twice daily.  

The park is open daily from 9 am, we came to the park around 10 am and we were ready to explore the park after we got the tickets. First thing first, don't forget to read the rules hanging on the first door in the park. 

We directly walked into Zone 1 and greeted by white birds, one of them was really curious with my camera and decided to stay next to me and kept watching my camera, soo funny. My niece was very excited and scared at the same time, she really wanted to take a pose near to those birds, but when the bird moved a bit, she ran immediately. We also met peacocks in zone 1 and my brother was very curious and waiting for the peacock to stretch it beautiful feathers and it never happened. For your info, Peacock stretch its colorful and beautiful feathers on purpose, they will do it to attract the opposite sex.

KL Bird park has several feeding time on different area, starts 10.30 am at free-flight area till 4 pm at water fall aviary. It also has Bird shows located at amphitheater at 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm.  

the white bird I-forget-what-its-name bird on pose (help, anyone?)

pretty peacock

welcome to world of parrots

cute parrot waiting for feeding time

PINK PARROT (my first time ever)

Look! who's super excited playing with Birdie :) 
she said "Terbanngg (Fllyyyy)"  

When you get tired walking in the park, don't worry :) there are some benches and rest area inside the park, so you can take a break for a little while in rest area, ate ice cream like my brother and my niece did and continued your walk. Our favorite places in this park was World of parrot area and Flamingo Pond.

smart red and blue macaw birds on stage

While my niece enjoying her time on the Playground, My mother and I came to Amphitheater to watch bird show, where I found smart birds like Cockatoo, Red and Blue Macaws shows their cleverness by do acrobat, counting number, picking trashes, guessing game, rearrange shape and many more.

Another thing to remember, there was not ATM machine available in this park, so make sure you bring enough cash for buying food or you can use credit card in the gift shop. I really recommend this park as one of your destination when you visit KL, especially for those who travel with family.

One thing I regret from my visit was I didn't buy anything from the gift shop, in fact that I really wanted to buy several fridge magnets but me and my families must go for Friday prayer and we have to wait for KL HOHO bus in front of the park first.

How to get to KL Bird Park?

On my case, we were using KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus to get to this park, bus stop no 14 is located just in front of KL Bird Park. Some of friends told me, the other better transport is by using a taxi.

When I searched it on the internet, some people said RapidKL bus 115 from KL sentral has a stop near the park (and you need to talk a walk to the park).

KL Bird Park

920 Jalan Cenderawasih, Tasik Perdana
Kuala Lumpur

Thank you KL Bird Park for Family Pass and my niece excitement to fly, all my opinions are my own


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Hong Kong Coffee Shops

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Hong Kong has become the alternative holiday destination abroad for us, Indonesian, who have been, and done, with Singapore. I went there last year with my BFF. We did so many things within a few days and had a blast! We also visited various coffee shops in Hong Kong, as it's one of our favorite activities to do back home and anywhere else. Today, I want to share a few of it, tailored to your clothes and timing. Enjoy!

If you find yourself in Hong Kong and are..

Looking for a good first day breakfast place

We just landed in Hong Kong the night before (4 years ago). Fully rested and ready to embrace Hong Kong in the daylight, breakfast was our first choice.  Our local friend, the Virgin, took us to a Hong Kong style café. It was a simple toast+egg+coffee combi and tasted really2 good. ‘Til date it’s one of my best breakfast memories. There are lots of local cafés in every neighborhood in Hong Kong and most of them have a numerous choices. You can go to the same one for weeks and not eat the same thing twice. So enjoy!

^ Look how content Yin’s face was slupring the tea (^^)

Doing a lazy weekend thingy together with your besties

On our last day in Hong Kong, we headed down to Rosie Jean’s Cafe on Caine road. It’s a cozy coffee shop, spacious enough to give a bunch of crazy girlfriends some sense of privacy and away from other café patrons. The staffs were friendly and the food (western cuisine) was delicious. There is an outdoor space, great to spend a lazy afternoon playing cards or updating the group about what’s happening with each other lives.

I do realize I am writing this as if I am local but seriously, if SATC happened in Hong Kong, this would be Carrie’s brunch place choice.

Pretty, well read and just had your nail done with a color that matches your handbag

Located smack in the middle of Causeway Bay, it’s hard to miss the Coffee Academics. A famous and well-reviewed coffee shop. And I say, don’t miss it. It has become a mainstream coffee shop for some reasons and those reasons can be found in its fabulous décor, coffee and crowd. What else do you want from a coffee shop? A window seat facing the street for some people watching, checked. Great music playing in the background, checked. Alternatives for your not-a-coffee-drinker friends, checked.
BFF and I spotted this coffee shop randomly after browsing a bookstore right opposite of it. We ended up spending the whole afternoon here. We read, wrote and made a pact to backpack through Europe for a month before we reached our 35th birthday –> Yes, people usually do it in their 20s, but we weren’t cool enough when we were 25 years old.
 Ps. Try the hot apple cider. BFF couldn’t stop raving about it.

Dying to experience the local daily life

We queued up at the Australia Dairy Company at Kowloon island for a little while before going into this hectic restaurant. I ordered macaroni soup and Hong Kong style tea. Despite many great reviews of this place. We didn’t like it at all.  Here you will get to taste the local meal while sitting elbow to elbow with strangers. Most of them, will sit, order, eat/slurped their food, pay and get out of the place in less than 15 minutes. Felt like we were in the middle of eating sprint, and that too not in a good way. I am NOT recommending this place for the food, ambiance maybe.

How about you, do you hunt for coffee shops while traveling? Do you have a favorite coffee shop local/abroad? Share with me!

NaNa / Writer & Culture Tester 


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Purrfect Cat Cafe - Penang

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A week before I visited this cat cafe, I already managed to visit one of Jakarta's cat cafe in Kemang. Me and some of my friends who already visited cat cafe in Jakarta and Singapore thought somehow it was really overprice (in Jakarta to play with the cats (ONLY) we have to pay 50.000 rupiah per hour/person, meanwhile in Singapore we have to pay around S$10 - S$15 per hour/person) Well, Purrfect Cat Cafe had a different rules and I think it win win solution for guests. In this cafe, they didn't have fee per hour for playing with cats, instead they have a minimum purchase for food an beverages. With minimum RM18 spending on food and beverages, guests can play with cats for hours, yes I repeat it for HOURS or until you get bored. 

I even asked about this twice to the cashier down stairs,
"Are you serious that I can play with the cats all day long? no time limit?"
"Yes you can play for hours, no time limit and if you can't decide which food/beverages to order, we have some set meal too"

ahhhh they really knew me so well, so instead taking hour on deciding what food and drink to order, I preferred to order set meal. At that time, I chose french fries with Lychee soda something LOL *I forgot, totally forgot, since I can't wait to play with those cats*.

some of cakes selection

post-it wall

"Not everything in Nature has a function" I fixed it LOL

Purrfect cat cafe only has 8 cats and unluckily at that moment, 2 of them was sick :( and I didn't know where were the other 2, I only managed to play with 4 cats which actually two of them sleeping until I leaving the cafe, which means I only play with two cats ahhahaha.

When I visited Cat Cabin Jakarta in Kemang area earlier, all guests have the same area for eating and playing with cats, while in Purrfect cat cafe they created a different area between dining room and playing room for guests and I think It was a great decision. So I can play with the cats without worry to much that those cats will touch or eat my meal (well some of human food can be a disaster for cats too).

Now, let's say hello to some of Purrfect Cat Cafe Residents:



Teddy - who is sleeping all the time

I forgot to take pic of Molly since she slept on the couch and I didn't want to wake her up.

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Muntri Street, Georgetown
+60 4 261-1197


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[ Hotel Review ] Hotel Penaga - The First Green Rating Heritage Boutique Hotel in Penang

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Hotel Penaga located in a junction of Hutton St and Clarke St

During my trip to Penang a couple weeks ago, I have a short stay in this Heritage hotel which located in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage Site, facing Hutton, Transfer Road and Clarke street. At the first time I arrived on this property I fell in love with their Clarke Terrace House, It feels like you stay in your home. Penaga Staff told me that there are 3 different room types, and one of them is Traditional Terrace House that located outside the main building which facing Clarke street.

Did I tell you that I travel to this city alone? So when I heard their staff told me that I will stay in their Hutton Deluxe room with 40 sqm wide, I was surprised and a little bit worry because it might to big for myself teehee. It has a green rating hotel because it used recycled materials wherever possible during restoration and redevelopment. It also has a garden to reduce heat and glare, increase soil permeability and provide as much greener as the space would accommodate. The swimming pool is salt water to reduce chemical use, water for the garden and some toilet flushing comes from roof runoff. The kitchen will separate biodegradable material for composting. I think I never seen any other heritage hotel has something like these.  


The room

I stayed in Hutton Deluxe room 312 with 40 sqm wide which is actually the smallest room type in Hotel Penaga. It has a mixture between vintage and modern touch inside the room. The ceiling was really high so I bet the air ventilation is well maintain and in this room, I can choose between ceiling fan or inverter air-conditioning.  The room is furnished with antique cabinets, benches and chairs, and of course with wood element domination. I got a large double-bed with four pillows only for me. Well, my room was not have a balcony, but it facing to Hutton street. When I peeked through my window that night, I can see a beautiful city light came from Penang Times Square building. Each room also decorated with some of paintings created by Asian artists hanging on the wall.

Hutton Deluxe Bed

I never forget to write postcards to my friends in Indonesia

The Bathroom

Each room in Hotel Penaga equipped with Jacuzzi and separated shower room. It also covered with wooden parquet on entire room. Similar with the window in the main room, windows inside the bathroom also have three different colors that beautifully emitted sun ray to the room. I also have a complete amenities from the Hotel that beautifully sealed in a black leather box next to water basin.  

Modern VS Vintage bathroom


Shower room

Other Room Types

Beside Hutton deluxe room, there are Clarke Terrace House and Transfer Suites. These two types located outside the main building, If you stay in this Hotel with elder people or disable person I recommended you to choose Hutton deluxe because it has lift access to the room, meanwhile the other two types have stairs inside the room.

Clarke Terrace House (Traditional Terrace House)

This type is two-storey property with 140 sqm wide has two bedrooms with large double-bed, it has a huge Jacuzzi that can be occupy up to 4 people, and it also has large dining and living room down stairs. Clarke Terrace House type is the biggest room type in Hotel Penaga. I little bit surprised and proud when I stepped into one of bedroom and found Yogyakarta landmark (Tugu) painting on the wall. It also has a balcony that facing garden, Penaga Spa and  Transfer Suites. 

Transfer Suites

Another room type on the back of main building is Transfer suites, it has 61 sqm or 67 sqm (with balconies). It located on upper side of Penaga Spa and of the room with balcony is facing Transfer street. For a great sunlight I recommend you to chose this type. 

Hotel Penaga is really close to the centers of Geogertown. I can find local food restaurant and flea market (Chowrasta) by walking distance. If you love to do cafe hopping like I do, you can simply take a walk to Campbell street and find some cute and unique cafes there. It also close to bus and free bus stops on Campbell st and Chowrasta market.

Hotel Penaga
Corner of Jalan Hutton & Lebuh Clarke
George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Toll Free: 1300 88 1891
Phone: +604-261 1891
Reservation: sales.reservation@hotelpenaga.com

Thank you Ms. Kim for your hospitality, and yes I was a guest in Hotel Penaga, but all opinions are my own 


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City Tour with Penang Hop-On Hop-Off

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Tour with Penang HOHO (Hop-On Hop-Off) and experience Penang like never before

On early March this year, I traveled to Penang for holiday and I have to travel alone since my friends canceled their trip. At first I was afraid and hesitant about this trip because I haven't get enough time to learn about Penang's transportation, but thanked God I read about this Penang HOHO bus which just started their operation last November 2014. I was lucky enough by experiencing Penang in a fun way using this service. To be honest, it was my first time experience hopping on a double decker bus which has open deck and sky view seating area, that's why I was so excited when I hopped on to this bus. 

There are two different types of Penang HOHO bus, the first one is a front open deck and the last one is a rear open deck double decker bus.

Well, because Sharing is Caring, so now I'm gonna share to you about my experience using this Penang HOHO Bus. 

I started my 24hrs tour from Penang HOHO bus stop number 1 which is Gurney Drive, for those of you who wondering where is it, This bus stop located in front of Plaza Gurney that heading to Gurney Drive. (Hopefully you won't get lost like I did after I give you this clue). This bus stop also an interchange stop between Beach Route and City Route. There is also another one interchange Penang HOHO stop in front of Chowrasta Market in Jalan Penang, Georgetown. Psstt it has a sophisticated ticketing system, after we buy the voucher ticket on mobile counter, you will be given a simple voucher paper, but when you hop on to the bus, Penang HOHO staff will collect your voucher and starts to create a new receipt using their mobile apps that connected with ticket printer to print your ticket type and its validity period and I was like whoaaaa (well maybe because their staff used Iphone 6 hahahaha) 

With its 2 different routes, Penang HOHO cover around 50 major tourist attractions from Georgetown to Teluk Bahang area with total 33 bus stops. I was just like sitting on my seat and wait for my next stop.  City route will take you around the city (Georgetown), meanwhile Beach route will take you to Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Bahang. I can visit Tropical Spice, Hard Rock Cafe, Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Hill and city tour in Georgetown in one day. Well, it depends on your duration on each place. On my experience, if you haven't decided where will you hop off the bus, you better take one full route and if the weather is good, I recommend you to take a seat on an open deck seating area.

When I used this service they didn't stop at bus stop no 4 which is Botanical Garden, I forgot to ask them why, but if next time you want to visit that garden you better ask their staff first.

Penang HOHO Routes

 Gurney Drive Penang HOHO bus stop

Front Open Deck Bus
Gurney Drive Bus Stop

Open deck area

This service also equipped with tour guide that will explain to the tourist about history and information about attraction near bus stop and even some places passed by the bus. It also has a free WIFI on board, so you can tweet or upload photo about the ride or attractions and brag it to you friends LOL. By purchasing the ticket, you will also get TGB (Tour Guide Book) that will show us about Penang's attractions, shopping center, accommodation and food/drinks places which is in a walking distance from Penang HOHO bus stop. It really helped me roam the city and sought for local food.

some of tourist attraction near bus stops
Top Left: Tropical Spice Garden (stop 27) Top Right: Hard Rock Hotel (stop 26)
Bottom Left: Penang Hill (stop 5) Bottom Right: Kek Lok Si Temple (stop 6)

Another view along the ride
Top: On the way to Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si Temple
Bottom: on Georgetown Area

Penang HOHO has two different bus stops, standard stop and on demand stop. When you want to stop at on demand bus stop, you should push stop button in the bus and if you want to hop on the bus from on demand bus stop, you should pull the pole until the sign changed into "Pick me up"

Top: Standard Penang HOHO Stop Sign
Bottom: On Demand Stop (you need to pull the sign until it changed into "pick me up!")

Penang HOHO Ticket Price

More About Penang Hop-On Hop-Off Bus:

- Tour will start daily from 9 am to 8 pm, with around 20 to 30 minutes intervals
- There are two tickets validity 24hr and 48hr
- You can buy your ticket on bus and Mobile Counter (on Stop 1 and Stop 9)
- Disable Friendly
- Children below 5 years old are free of charge
- From student, please bring your Student ID for special price

thank you Ms. Angeline for your hospitality

Thank you for the complimentary ticket from Penang Hop-On Hop-Off and yes I experienced Penang like never before


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