In the blink of an eye, I'm in love with this city 

The super famous - Sydney Opera House 

 No, it's not in Hogwarts

welcome to Cronulla beach 

Newest mural on the block by Nadia Hernandez 

Statue on Queen Victoria Building 

Hey Sydney, please be nice :)

A couple weeks ago my friend Stephanie posted an article on her Facebook regarding to the opening of new restaurant in Chatswood area which owned by one of her friend. Hello Kitty? in Australia? Are you kidding me? I never thought that I would find this restaurant in Sydney region. I directly asked her to bring me to this restaurant one day. 

You know, after I decided to move to Sydney for one year, I have to manage my expenses really tight, especially on food *sigh*. But deep down I really want to try many great cafes and coffee shops in Sydney, just wait and see.  

When my friend got her day off, she asked me whether I wanted to go to Chatswood with her or not. I said yes immediately, since I haven't meet her since our WHV interview on last February. I can't resist the cuteness of this pussy cat so I made an exception to visit this restaurant, hahahahah.  

This Hello Kitty Diner is located just above the Chatswood train station. Unlike other Hello Kitty cafes or restaurants, this place is not dominated with pink color and more likely featured American Diner style instead. Hello Kitty Diner served American-Korean fusion menu, confusing right? considering Hello Kitty was originally from Japan, well never mind. Staffs on the front house were using a cute Hello Kitty head band with white shirt and also an apron. 

We ordered Gee Gee burger, Crumbed mozarella stick with jalapeno mayonnaise, Sweet potato fries with miso mayonnaise, Cappuccino and Salted pretzel milkshake which I considered as dessert hahahah. Lucky me, they served a new form of the Salted pretzel milkshake. They created a hip style of beverages in Sydney and also put one scoop of ice cream to my milkshake, me likey. It didn't take a long time to wait for our orders, really a good job.  
  a new form of Salted Pretzel Milkshake with ice cream

Cappuccino - or I might called it kittypuccino? 

  Gee Gee Burger - Korean fried chicken, cucumber kimchi, pickled vegetables

Sweet potato fries with miso mayonnaise 

Crumbed mozzarella sticks with jalapeno mayonnaise

My favorite was Gee Gee burger, its Korean fried chicken was really crispy and the vegetables were really fresh. For my Indonesian friend, if you have a plan to visit this place, make sure you bring your own ketchup or chili sauce as they will not provide you one (I know you will love this meal with those sauces). For the sweet potato fries and crumbed mozzarella sticks were slightly overcooked as you can see it was a little dark brown but it really match with their dipping sauce. I like their miso mayonnaise rather than jalapeno mayonnaise. I like the crunchiness of their Mozzarella sticks and you better consume it while it still hot, otherwise its cheese will not really melted. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in this restaurant and will pay another visit to try their dessert menu. I would love to try their hello kitty shaped waffle menu. *another day after I got the job in Sydney of course* 

Hello Kitty Diner
The District, Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, Sydney
Have you ever visit a place where many people asked you questions on "why are you going there"?
The more people said some place is less interesting for them, the more interesting I am, silly right? This is what happened with me when I was planning my trip to Penang earlier this year. Some of my friends raised their eyebrows and kept asking me "What are you going to do in there?" "There's nothing you can do in there!" but I proved them wrong, Penang is not only for medical trip purpose.

There're so much things to do in Penang and I will share you some, hope this will inspire you to travel to Penang.

Mural Hopping

As some of you might know, Penang famous for its murals or wall arts. You can find more than a dozen murals all over Georgetown, even they have a specific free map for this (you can find it on the airport). Thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist who painted most of the murals in Georgetown. In 2012, Ernest started his projects and kept maintain it until know. My favorite one is mural of a couple of children on a swing which located on Gat Lebuh Chulia.

Wrought Iron Hopping

This is another excited and fun walking tour to explore Penang. Tourists who visited George Town would love to explore the city and hunt for wrought-iron caricatures with anecdotal descriptions of the streets. Most of the pictures are describe the cultural or the history of the road which the picture being placed.   

A Lot of great Cafes

Need a place to hangout? working space? or just spend your afternoon in the cafe? no worries, there are a lot of great cafes in Penang. You can find some cafes along Campbell street and Love lane. My favorite is Moustache Houze on Campbell street, it served a unique beverage. For a tea addict you can also take a sip of great TWG tea inside the fancy and homey place called living room in Macalister street. 

 Love lane is famous for its coffee shops

 stroll around on Campbell street and you will find many hip cafes

take a sip of high quality tea in Living Room @ Macalister Mansion

Yummy Local Food

Whenever you visit a new place, first thing you should do is looking for their local food. In Penang, you can try their Asam Laksa, Ais Kacang, Curry fish head, Nasi lemak and some traditional cakes (I have not try it yet). I like Briyani Claypot on Lebuh Chulia and nasi Kandar Line clear on Penang road.  

who want some ice? here's ais kacang 

Asam Laksa Penang 

It's not an usual Briyani rice, it's Claypot Briyani Rice 

ice milk tea or known as Teh Tarik 

The famous nasi lemak but this one with fish 

Sightseeing Bus

Ride a sightseeing bus that will take you to the most of tourism attraction in Penang. Penang Hop on Hop off bus covers around 50 major tourist attractions from Georgetown to Teluk Bahang area with total 33 bus stops. For complete review, you can visit my previous post about City Tour with Penang Hop-On Hop Off.

3D Art Museums

I thought I will just found one or two kinds of interactive museums in Penang, but when I search it on Google, Penang has 4 different interactive or 3d art museums. They are Made in Penang Interactive museum, Odeon, Penang 3d Trick Art museum and Penang Amazing World Studios. While others interactive museums show colorful pictures, in Odeon it shows black and white picture with funny story. Read about another Interactive museums in Penanga here.

Pernah ga sih kalian ngerasa hidup kalian lebih teratur justru saat traveling dibandingkan kegiatan sehari-hari? Saya sih ngerasa banget, hidup saya malah lebih teratur saat lagi jalan-jalan ketimbang keseharian saya. Beberapa tahun lalu, saya pernah jatuh sakit ketika di perjalanan dan itu benar-benar menggangu trip saya secara keseluruhan. Nah belajar dari kesalahan tersebut, saya mulai deh tuh menerapkan gaya hidup sehat meskipun lagi traveling (ehh pas traveling aja nih? hahaha)  

1. Bangun Pagi

Kalo yang satu ini sih udah jadi kebiasaan banget, bahkan setiap traveling in a group saya selalu bertindak sebagai alarm bangun tidur. Yup, bangun pagi itu dan menghirup udara pagi akan membuat badan kita lebih segar dan memulai perjalanan sepagi mungkin juga bisa membantu meningkatkan mood saat traveling loh. Ditambah lagi, dengan memulai trip lebih pagi akan lebih banyak lagi tempat yang bisa kita eksplor.  

2. Olahraga

Kalo untuk olahraga secara khusus s seperti jogging, biasanya saya lakukan jika tripnya lebih santai dan cenderung saya lakukan saat solo trip. Sedangkan untuk trip yang bareng teman-teman rasanya ritual jalan kaki kami yang banyak banget itu udah bisa deh diitung olahraga hehehehe. Kalo business trip dan menginap di hotel yang agak besar, malah saya suka menyempatkan diri untuk mencoba beberapa alat-alat olahraga yang ada di fitness center atau minimal berendem di kolam renang (nasib anak ga bisa renang). 

lari pagi di stadium atau bikin jogging track sendiri sambil explore tempat (ini National Stadium Bangkok)

3. Makan Buah dan Minum Air Putih

Makan buah juga penting, karena buah banyak mengandung vitamin dan jangan lupa juga untuk banyak minum air putihLagi-lagi kebiasaan traveling saya yang lebih sering banyak jalan kaki memang harus diimbangi dengan banyak minum agar tidak dehidrasi. Untuk beberapa tempat seperti Bangkok atau Ho Chi Minh, mungkin kita bisa menemukan buah potong segar di banyak tempat. Tapi jika memang susah, bisa juga kok cari di jus segar di supermarket atau toko kecil di sekitar stasiun atau terminal. Untuk air putih, biasakan bawa tumbler atau botol minum kosong dari rumah. Di perjalanan bisa diisi dengan air mineral botolan atau water tap. Kemarin malah hemat air banget pas jalan ke Osaka, water tap di hostel bisa langsung minum. Duhh mayan banget, kantong ga bolong deh kalo kayak gitu.

gerai jus yang saya temukan di stasiun BTS Victoria Park - Bangkok

4. Tidak Melewatkan Jam Makan

Kalo sehari-hari saya lebih sering makan 2 kali sehari, sarapan dan makan siang atau makan siang dan makan malam, saat traveling saya justru membiasakan untuk makan 3 kali sehari. Saat tidak lapar sekalipun, saya tetap mengisi perut meskipun tidak banyak. Hal ini lebih untuk mencegah masuk angin dan agar maag tidak kambuh tiba-tiba.   

5. Minum Susu

Salah satu senjata lain untuk sehat saat traveling buat saya adalah minum susu. Ingetkan pelajaran sewaktu SD dulu, kita harus makan makanan yang 4 sehat 5 sempurna. Nah susu merupakan poin ke 5 yang juga berfungsi sebagai pelengkap. Saya sendiri sih biasanya lebih sering minum susu sebelum melakukan perjalanan atau setelah pulang dari perjalanan, sesuai kebutuhan aja. Kadang susu juga saya gunakan sebagai alat memperlancar pencernaan (if you know what I mean). Jujur saya ga suka minum susu sapi putih, bahkan baru nyiumnya aja udah eneg sendiri tapi kalo minum susu dengan rasa lain biasanya kadar glukosa alias gulanya tinggi banget, saya ngga suka minuman yang terlalu manisEh tapi beberapa bulan lalu waktu saya demam dan ke supermarket, saya nemu BEAR BRAND Gold susu steril rendah lemak tinggi kalsium, mengandung kebaikan susu dengan dua varian, white tea dan white malt. Huweeehh saya ternyata suka sama BEAR BRAND gold yang white malt dan white tea ini. 

minuman susu mungil ini diproduksi di Thailand loh