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Here we go again for another restaurant and cafe adventure in heart of Sydney. I can do cafe hopping most of the time back then in Jakarta but since I'm living in Sydney for this year and it is quite exy (slang word of Expensive in Australia) to sit down and enjoy cafe and dessert here, so I only manage to do this my favorite thing once or twice in a month, LOL. 

Well, to be honest most all the dessert's price are similar like the one I found in Jakarta. I can found A$4 - A$7 eclairs in Sydney CBD and it pretty much have the same price with some eclairs when you visit one of the cake shop in South Jakarta area.

Ok, back to the story, last week I and my friend visited another one of the famous dessert parlour in Sydney, The Choc Pot. Along with its name, the famous this of this dessert place is chocolate-something which served in pot (a small bowl) or most of us known as molten choco lava cake. Unfortunately, we did not order that cake and chose waffle instead.

Pick a tea

Brownies selections

I visited The Choc Pot in Sydney CBD branch, located in Regent Place near Sydney Town Hall. The place was not really big but it look spacious due to its seating arrangement. It has brown and yellow domination colors, which reminds me of the "Woot coffee and mates"'s place in Jakarta, but this one is bigger. 

It has some dessert collections from brownies, crepes, cakes to waffles, meanwhile for the beverages its have smoothies, quite wide range of tea selections and hot drinks. I ordered Honeycrumb waffnut and Japanese Cherry (green tea), meanwhile Mitha ordered Secret garden and white chocolate strawberry smoothie.

My honeycrumb waffnut was basically 2 round shaped crunchy waffles stacked up with rock salt ice cream on the layer, crunchy biscuit crumbs, topped with Belgian chocolate, salted caramel and upside down ice cone. I think I made a good decision when pairing it with a cup of tea to balance its salty and sweetness. I like the texture of the waffle, it crunchy outside but still soft inside. I crushed the ice cone, sprinkle the crumbs to my ice cream and finally scooped it together with the slice of waffle. 

Honeycrumb Waffnut

Since I love tea, I really like it when The Choc Pot has some selection of green tea. I like tea with clear appearance and have fruit or flower mixture init. Previously, I cant decided which tea flavor should I choose. The Choc Pot has Japanese lime, mango sencha, Japanese Cherry from Green tea selections, white rose (white tea), passion fruit, white peach, berries & orange, apricot & peach from black tea selections.

 Japanese Cherry Tea (Green Tea)

Another dish was Secret Garden, a glass of dark chocolate Callebaut and white chocolate Callebaut topped with biscuit crumbs, chocochips and Strawberry. For those who wondering what is Callebaut, It is a company that producing high quality of Belgian Chocolate and yes its chocolate is REALLY GOOD. This Secret Garden's chocolate texture was really soft and smooth like panna cotta, I can eat this dish everyday, hahahahahah.

 The Secret Garden

Yummy... yummy...

Our menus for that day :)

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in The Choc Pot. Maybe on my next visit I will come to their branch in Burwood, Rosebery or Chatswood to get another comfy dessert time experience and try their crepes, their famous choc pot and Green tea panna cotta latte, let's LIVE CHEEKY!!

The Choc Pot, Sydney CBD
Regent Place, 501 George Street
Opening hours: 
Sun - Thu 12:00 pm - 10.30 pm
Fri - Sat 12.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Public Holiday 12.00 pm - 10.30 pm

The Choc Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Gosh,, itu yg secret garden lagi ngebayangin makannya dingin2, pasti melting bgt di mulut ^o^.. Waffnut nya juga kliatan enak sih mei, tapi karena di Jjakarta udah banyk juga resto waffle, masih sedikit terobati walo mungkin rasa es krimnya ga sama :D..

    1. wafflenya kalo makan sendirian bakalan eneg sih kak, soalnyoo itu ssalty banget hhahahaah bayangin rock salt ice cream ketemu sea salt caramel :P

      kalo secret gardennya sih emang yummmyyy *pengen lagi*

  2. untung fotonya cakeeeppp bener aku jadi gak pusing buat menerjemahkan bahasanya wkwkwk... yg pasti aku ngiler abis kak yuk geret kopernya ke sini hehehe....

    1. hahaha duh maapin yah, lagi iseng-iseng bikin postingan pake bahasa enggress nih,sekalian belajar soalnya, ini aja rasanya masih banyak yg salah, gapapa deh hahahahahahah

      yukkkk aku geret ke sini buat makan es krim

  3. ini foto bisa pada kece2 amat pake kamera apa sih? *sok nanya2 kayak bakal beli aja, modalnya cuma kamera hape juga biasanya :p

    1. hahahaha kak Vari :P ini pake Canon jaman baheulaa benerr D1000 hahahaha bahkan buat video aja ga bisa, cuma lensanya aku pake fixed lens kak


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