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It's winter in Sydney now, but I just found a place which make me feel in the summer time (except the wind outside the cafe, lol). In the intersection of Forbes street and Burton street you will find a cafe with a wink rabbit as logo, called The Rusty Rabbit.

It located in Darlinghurst, Sydney near St Vincent's hospital. I always pass this place whenever I take a bus to Paddington from CBD and this place really caught my attention. I like the industrial and vintage look in the interior of the cafe and lucky me I got the perfect table near the window. The Rusty Rabbit serves all day breakfast and lunch (lunch will serve start 11.30 am)

I've got a different table situation from what I've seen from some pictures on instagram, that day our table atmosphere was sooo summer. They added the pineapple as the table decoration and voila here come the summer ambiance. Because of this, my friend decided to order a cold drink to brighten the day. I ordered chicken & rice and hot chocolate, meanwhile my friend decided to get smashed avocado and minty lemonade.

our table situation

Hot chocolate on a cold day never failed on me and I liked my healthy brunch menu. My brunch was chicken breast marinated in garlic, thyme and citrus served with greens (I got broccoli and sauteed spinach), brown rice, red quinoa and topped with crispy sweet potato. If I could customized one thing, I would love my meal without balsamic vinegar on the bottom layer of it, everything was perfect except for that thing.

For the cold drink, Minty Lemonade we loveedd it so much. It was so refreshing, we even really curious for the recipe as we really wanted this kind of drink on our home. My friend's smashed avocado spread on soylinseed toast and topped with feta cheese and she love it so much (I didn't try this one as I needed to focus on finishing my meal, LOL).

My Hot Chocolate

The super fresh and yummy Minty Lemonade

My Chicken & Rice

Smashed Avocado

Overall I had a very nice meal and place with humble staffs, will definitely visit this place again some time to get brunch and take a gulp of the refreshing that minty lemonade.

The Rusty Rabbit
252 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
02 8065 9664

The Rusty Rabbit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. I really like this place, Meidiana. There are so many green dishes there! Mashed avocado would be my favourite one. Mniam mniam! :)

    1. Yupp, they serve healthy food here :D
      I love their icey and I wanna try their juices

  2. Meidi tempatnya kece tp lucu gelasnya plastik ya

    1. itu gelas yang buat air gratisan Win hahahahahah, iyah gue suka banget sama tempatnya :)

  3. Dan tetep ya Mei mesen nasi:D Hahahaha
    Itu foto terakhir unik juga, smashed avocado. Pengen nyobain Mei!

    1. entah kenapa, masih belum bisa berpisah dari nasi kak :)) :))
      itu kata temenku enaaak, aku ga sempet nyiciiipp, keasikan makan ayam *duuhh reviewer macaamm apaaah* hahahah

  4. lebih penasaran ama yg smashed avocado ^o^.. apalagi pake tambahan feeta cheese gitu... dan dari foto, keliatan kok mei, tempatnya asyiik ;).

    1. hihih akunya tapi kmrn ga sempet nyicip si smashed avocadonya kak =,=

      iyaah tempatnya homey bgt dan penuh terus lohh :)

  5. Can't take my eyes from the pineapple ^^' wkwkwk itu pajangan atau apa meiii? ucuuuk. Tadinya awalnya ku kira kamu psen nasi goreng nanas. muahaha.

    1. itu nanas beneran, tapi dijadiin pajangan sama dia, mungkin kalo butuh buat slushie dipotong kaliii hahahaha

  6. duh tempatnya kece, makanannya menggiurkan. menyenangkan kayaknya, ya.
    gue pengen banget itu smashed avocado, kalau bikin sendiri enggak pernah cakep gitu, hahaha.
    apa karena pakai avocado lokal yang sering kecokelatan warnanya. :P


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