There is a newly opened tourist attraction in Bali which is can become your next destination when visiting Bali. My dear friend kak Nathalie Stravers shared her experience with her family while visiting this new attraction called Upside Down World. This place is Indonesia's first Upside Down World attraction, however It wasn't my first time known about this kind of place, previously I almost come to Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) in Mallaca, Malaysia. Beside Mallaca, this kind of attraction can be found in Sabah where they even have an upside down car in the garage.

How is it like to stay in the house which built upside down?

The Upside Down World, Bali is opened for public this Mar 1st 2016 and has 8 upside down rooms. It is basically like a whole house, you can found living room, bed room, laundry room, kitchen, even bathroom. Here are some pictures taken by Kak Nathalie during her visit with her family. 

Living Room



They looked like a Spiderman Family, LOL

I can't reach my cereal

The entrance ticket to this place is IDR 100.000 for adults and IDR 50.000, well I think it is too pricey for just 8 rooms. 

1. For the best shot you better bring a camera with wide lens or a GoPro to capture your photo since each room is quite small.
2. Come as early as you can, so you can get parking spot easily and to avoid long queue on taking pictures on each room. 
3. Bring socks to keep off your feet not dirty as they will ask you to take off your shoes.
4. Please don't bring a lot of stuffs with you as they don't have any storage room for visitors. 

What do you think about this kind of attraction? 

Pssttt... On July 1st 2016 they will open Upside Down World in Yogyakarta too

Upside Down World Bali
Jl. ByPass Ngurah Rai No.762, Denpasar, Bali
Opening Hours : 9am - 9pm

If you travelling to Australia, especially Sydney, you will find there are many bar + accommodation building types around the city, well it basically a bar with small amount of room or even some of them don't have a space for accommodation (why they called it hotel anyway?). I passed this Old Clare Hotel on November last year for the first time and nothing to curious about it, until I found this article from NY Times about 52 Places to Go in 2016, there is Sydney on number 51 and they mentioned about this hotel, wow there must be something else about it and I started to google it.

Unlisted Collection combined two heritage-listed building which is Clare Hotel pub and the Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building to become their first and newest project in Sydney. Situated in Kensington street and directly stand beside Central Park shopping center and Spice Alley food district. They have 62 rooms in total with 8 different room types, from Connell room, Abercrombie room, Clare room, Chippendale loft, Showroom suite, Mary O' suite, C.U.B suite and Double date with old clare room. They have 1 special room in Connell room types which wheelchair friendly.  

If you google about Clare Hotel Pub, you will see the previous building was and nothing changed today. They kept the exterior and even some of the interior of the building. They basically give a new soul to the heritage building with a young and modern with some old pieces of the previous one. In each room, you will find the part of the old building which they kept as it is and the side of the modern touch.

one of the Connell room's bed

sitting area in Chippendale Loft

wheelchair friendly bathroom in Connell Room
There's only one room with this feature, you can book upon request

one of bathroom in Connell room type
*glass separator bathroom, yihaaa*
(image source : The Old Clare Hotel)

sitting area in Mary O' Suite

sitting area in Mary O' Suite
Can you see the part of old building on the wall?
(image source: The Old Clare Hotel)

sitting area in one of Connell room type 
with one of a kind Rag & Bone desk lamp
(image source : The Old Clare Hotel)

pardon my selfie on Chippendale Loft :P

PSLAB pendant lights
Iconic lamps which will you find in each room type
(image source: The Old Clare Hotel)

If you read some of my hotel reviews, you will see that I often write about quirky & stylish hotel and I'm really glad to finally find this one in Sydney. This hotel not only has a unique interior and exterior but also has unique features inside the room from their PSLAB pendants lights, one of a kind the Rag & Bone desk lamp in each room, custom cushions cover created by former UTS student Eloise Rapp and they use Triumph & Disaster brand for their amenity sets. Oh I can't wait to experience their another properties in Singapore. If you wanna read the review of Wanderlust hotel in Singapore, you can read it on my friend's blog.

1 Kensington Street
Chippendale NSW 2008

It's winter in Sydney now, but I just found a place which make me feel in the summer time (except the wind outside the cafe, lol). In the intersection of Forbes street and Burton street you will find a cafe with a wink rabbit as logo, called The Rusty Rabbit.

It located in Darlinghurst, Sydney near St Vincent's hospital. I always pass this place whenever I take a bus to Paddington from CBD and this place really caught my attention. I like the industrial and vintage look in the interior of the cafe and lucky me I got the perfect table near the window. The Rusty Rabbit serves all day breakfast and lunch (lunch will serve start 11.30 am)

I've got a different table situation from what I've seen from some pictures on instagram, that day our table atmosphere was sooo summer. They added the pineapple as the table decoration and voila here come the summer ambiance. Because of this, my friend decided to order a cold drink to brighten the day. I ordered chicken & rice and hot chocolate, meanwhile my friend decided to get smashed avocado and minty lemonade.

our table situation

Hot chocolate on a cold day never failed on me and I liked my healthy brunch menu. My brunch was chicken breast marinated in garlic, thyme and citrus served with greens (I got broccoli and sauteed spinach), brown rice, red quinoa and topped with crispy sweet potato. If I could customized one thing, I would love my meal without balsamic vinegar on the bottom layer of it, everything was perfect except for that thing.

For the cold drink, Minty Lemonade we loveedd it so much. It was so refreshing, we even really curious for the recipe as we really wanted this kind of drink on our home. My friend's smashed avocado spread on soylinseed toast and topped with feta cheese and she love it so much (I didn't try this one as I needed to focus on finishing my meal, LOL).

My Hot Chocolate

The super fresh and yummy Minty Lemonade

My Chicken & Rice

Smashed Avocado

Overall I had a very nice meal and place with humble staffs, will definitely visit this place again some time to get brunch and take a gulp of the refreshing that minty lemonade.

The Rusty Rabbit
252 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
02 8065 9664

The Rusty Rabbit Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Who doesn't love free things? some people might say Sydney is a freaking expensive city, well I can't argue with that, but there are still so many things you can do in this city for free. Here are some of my favorite free things to do around Sydney.

Take a walk on Sydney Harbour Bridge
There are 5 ways to get through Sydney Harbour bridge, by bus, by train, join climb harbour bridge tour and by bike or walk if you want to travel it for free. Plus you can see Opera house from the bridge and it will give you a different angle of the building. Some people even take this route as their jogging track, how interesting.

afternoon stroll with my fellow travel bloggers :)

Sydney Opera from Harbour Bridge

Stroll around Darling Harbour
At the beginning I am not a fan of Darling Harbour as I never find this place exciting, but one day on my way back to apartment I saw bridge in darling harbour move to let some yatch and huge ship passing through *I wasn't sure what kind of ship at that moment* but finally I realized this place is the nearest place in the city to see the moving bridge. You could find another one in the Spit, Mosman.


The moving bridge

Burn the energy along Bondi to Coogee Walk
Well, if you think 6kms walk with beautiful scenery and fresh air is a great idea for the weekend then you should try this route. From Bondi beach to Coogee beach, you will pass Tamarama beach, Bronte beach and Clovelly beach. If it's not enough, continue your walk to Maroubra beach.

Become an art enthusiast in Art Gallery NSW
I like to go to museum especially if it is for free and it has a magnificent building architecture. There are some museums in Sydney that you can visit for free, and Art Galery NSW is my favorite. Art Gallery NSW located in the Domain near Royal Botanical Garden.

Go to Hyde Park for an escape in the middle of the city
There are so many things you can do in Hyde park, from lunch break picnic, dinner on the park with a friend, yoga with team until Saturdate near Archibald fountain. 

Picnic in Royal Botanical Garden
It located near Opera House, however the first time I came to this place I didn't choose the gate near the Opera House but I came from another gate near Wollomooloo bay. It has so many tree and herbs collection inside the garden. For detail information on what blooming on the season you can check their website. Beside the garden, my favorite area is Mrs. Macquarie's chair which is the best spot to catch sunset in Sydney with Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house as the background. 

Purple hour of sunset

Go to T2 tea shop around city and take a sip of great tea
This is not a sponsored post, but trust me if you a tea enthusiast just like me you will love to come inside or even you are not a big fan of tea you will enjoy to stroll around the shop and try their tea creations for free. They brew different hot and cold tea recipes and will share it to customers who visit their store, everyday.

T2 Newtown branch

Take a sip of various tea everyday for FREE

Chai recipe?


OK I lied, the photos above is actually taken by me yesterday afternoon. But how come there were some Sydney's old buses in the middle of city? There is Transport Heritage Expo held in Sydney and some old buses from upcoming Sydney Bus and Truck museum came out from its garage and take people for a 20-minute ride from Central station to Hyde Park.

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the RED one :)

Have you ever imagine to come to the zoo at night?
This was my first time coming to the zoo in Australia and at night. What a nice experience! I told you earlier on my previous post that Vivid Sydney has a new spot join Vivid event which is Taronga Zoo.

Well, I didn't manage to see a real animal on this vivid session but I did have a great time at the zoo. This vivid event from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The rain started to fall when I am arriving Taronga and I didnt bring umbrella hahahaha (ohh please guys make sure you check weather forecast first, don't be silly like me). I kept entering the zoo since I already bought selected date entrance ticket. Some of the installations / lanterns can move its head, mouth or foot. 



Sea Turtles



Sumatran Tiger

 Sumatran Elephant (I think it from Lampung)

Sun Bear

 Corroboree Frog

Sunda Pangolin

 Greater Bilby

 Ring-tailed lemur (King Julian, is that you?)

If you don't want to purchase entrance ticket, you can still enjoy 2 animal lanterns and watch building illumination near the entrance gate. 

When I was in Sunda Pangolin lantern, some visitors asked Zoo staff about the species like what kind of animal is Pangolin and where does it come from. He explained that Sunda Pangolin is come from Sumatra, well if you read about the event in this Zoo, they explained that they have 10 endangered animal lanterns from Australia and Sumatra but as Indonesian I knew that Sunda Pangolin is comes from Java. I really want to explain it to others but I think it was too late since he already said it to tens people in front of me. Well at least I explained to two little girls that some of the lanterns animal came from Indonesia and Sunda Pangolin come from Java but she didn't know where is it *tears*.

Do you know that you can see Sydney Harbour bridge and Sydney Opera House from this Zoo? It is really pretty at night especially in the Vivid event like this.