5 Sydney Pokemon Go Inspired Food

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1. PokeBall Donuts from Doughnut Time

 My fave Doughnut store in Central Park Mall, Sydney

Please don't throw away this Donut for catching Pokemon, because it is too good to be missed. It is Nutella-Filled Pokeball Donut special from Doughnut Time and of course it is for limited time only. I realized for this menu when I came to Doughnut time's store in Central Park mall and I didn't get this donut since it sold out just before my turn on the queue, too bad huh?

I Pika Choose you

I came back the following day to Doughnut time's store in Queen Victoria market and got it. 

2. Pokemon Pastries by Annachaannn

These pastries are really instagramable made by one of the famous food instagramer in Sydney. I bet most of Sydney foodies knew Anna from her instagram feed @annachaannn. She is not only an instagramer but also a baker who recently filled up "The Picnic Burwood", "Lid & Jar" and "Made" pastry showcase with her cute and yummy pastries. 

The bad news is you can't predict when will these cuties coming up to the stores, we have to stay tune to Anna's Instagram for the newest info for upcoming cakes and where it will be sold. Moreover these pokemon dounts and tarts are limited and sold out within hours   

3. Pokeburgers by Hashtag Burger - Down N' Out


Pikachu Burger

These are the most famous along this week, Hashtag burger on their Down N' Out Pop out store stand out with the idea of these Pokemon starter burgers. Meet Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur burgers on Sir John Young Hotel on limited time only. They even have a special rules for these burger, where you cannot choose what burger will you get, which is similar with the idea of hatching egg on Pokemon game. One person can only order for one burger and no takeaway available for this menu. 

Charmander Burger

For those who are wondering why there's no Squirtle burger on the menu, one of their staff said that their chef tried to create blue buns but it always turned out green. No water element starter for this burgers then which actually my favorite starter. 

 Bulbasaur Burger

They will open until Sep 3rd 2016 on lunch (12pm - 3pm) and dinner (5pm - 9pm) service. I visited their store on dinner service which actually the customers already queued before 5pm hahahahha even some cops came inside to figure it out why there were long queue on Liverpool street. The good news is these burgers are not just cute to be eaten but they also taste really good, the patty is so juicy yes yes #burger (Hashtag burger) is famous for its burgers, right?

4. Pokeball & Pikachu Macaroons in Narrabeen

Located approximately 45 minutes drive from Sydney CBD, one of Narrabeen's cafe join the hype of Pokemon Go too. I went to Narrabeen frequently and paid a visit to this cafe once for its Almond Croissant, which I like the most. I came back this afteroon to Narrabeen and finally bought these macaroons. Well, the Pikachu's face was quite funny but it sure tasted good. It was Nutella-filled Pikachu macaroon.

 gotta catch 'em all

 Pokeball and Pikachu Macaroons


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#Giveaway Buku Family Backpacking Australia

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Bukunya udah sempat ikutan sunset hunting di Milsons Point nih

Tepat seminggu lalu, saya baru saja dikirimi salah satu buku travelling baru hasil tulisan 3 kakak-kakak travel blogger kece, Ade Kumalasari (TravelingPrecils), Olenka Priyadarsani (Backpackology) dan Tesya (Tesyasblog). Bukunya sendiri berjudul "Family Backpacking AUSTRALIA - Perth, Sydney dan Melbourne". Pas banget mulai November tahun lalu, saya berdomisili di negeri yang terkenal dengan kangguru dan koala ini hingga akhir tahun 2016. Saya sedang dalam misi menyelesaikan Work and Holiday Visa yang saya dapatkan satu tahun lalu. Misi yang dimiliki para WHV warrior sendiripun memiliki perbedaan latar belakang dan tujuan. Salah satu misi yang sama emban adalah mengunjungi semua negara bagian di Australia, hahahahahha. 

Selain saya harus bekerja demi memenuhi kebutuhan dan kelangsungan hidup di Sydney (kota di mana saya berdomisili selama 8 bulan terakhir) saya juga selalu menyempatkan diri untuk berkeliling Australia. Dalam kurun waktu 8 bulan, saya sudah berhasil berkunjung ke 3 negara bagian (New South Wales, Victoria dan Queensland) dan sudah tidak terhitung kota-kota di Negara bagian New South Wales yang sudah saya kunjungi.

Australia sendiri memiliki 6 negara bagian, yaitu New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Australia Selatan dan Australia Barat. Dari semua kota-kota yang ada di Australia, kota besar yang juga menjadi tempat paling ramai dikunjungi wisatawan diantaranya Perth (Australia Barat), Sydney (New SOuth Wales) dan Melbourne (Victoria).  

Buat kalian yang berencana liburan atau berkunjung ke Australia terutama kota Perth, Sydney dan Melbourne, buku ini bisa jadi panduan yang tepat loh. Selain terdapat info sekilas mengenai ketiga kota tersebut, di buku ini juga dibahas objek wisata (gratis dan berbayar), tempat-tempat untuk wisata belanja, wisata kuliner, hingga itinerary singkat untuk perjalanan di ketiga kota tersebut. *pas banget bulan November mau ke Perth*. Yang lebih serunya lagi, info-info objek wisatanya lengkap dengan cara menuju ke tempatnya plus harga tiket masuk (objek wisata berbayar). Di setiap kota juga diberikan beberapa list tempat makan halal dan akomodasi. 

Bucket-list saya untuk Perth; The Bell Tower, Rottnest Island, Pinnacles dessert dan Penguin Island, sementara untuk Melbourne; Great Ocean Road dan Ballarat. Semuanya juga dibahas tuntas di buku ini (bahagiaanyaaa). Saat ini bukunya sudah bisa diperoleh di Gramedia di seluruh Indonesia, eittss kalian mau dapat bukunya secara gratis ga?  


Ada 3 buah paket hadiah masing-masing 1 buah buku "Family Backpacking AUSTRALIA - Perth, Sydney dan Melbourne" plus 1 kartupos yang akan dikirim dari (Perth/Sydney/Melbourne) untuk 3 orang yang beruntung. Untuk bukunya akan langsung dikirim dari Jakarta, sedangkan kartupos akan dikirim langsung dari Australia (dari ketiga kota tersebut). Cara ikutannya? ihhhh gampang kok!!

1. Follow twitter dan instagram @tesyasblog
2. Follow twitternya @geretkoper juga yah, karena selain dari email, mungkin akan langsung saya kabari via twitter juga
3. Jawab pertanyaan berikut di kolom komentar, "Dari 3 kota berikut, Perth, Sydney dan Melbourne, kalian lebih tertarik berkunjung ke mana dan kenapa?"
4. Bantu share di twitter atau facebook kalian dengan menulis, " #Giveaway 3 buku travelling Australia + 3 postcard Aussie @geretkoper - bit.ly/GAGeretKoper "

Pemenang buku + kartu pos

Pemenang kartupos


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The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar - Redfern

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Down the rabbit hole to sip a good selection of tea. 

As well as we know, Australia is famous for its coffee culture, especially Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney you can find soooo many coffee shops around the city. Sometimes it makes me sad, as I don't drink coffee, but thanks God there are some tea shops stand in the middle of these coffee roasters.

Actually I knew this place since the first week I arrived in Sydney but this lazy lady finally decided to come to this place last week. If you check my tea collection in my cupboard, you will know that I am a Tea Addict, I can't help myself to buy a new variant of tea. 

The Rabbit Hole has 2 stores around Sydney, the first one is in Redfern area and another one is in Barangaroo area. I went to their store in Redfern on last Saturday and yes it was really busy. I dont know whether this place adopted the idea from Alice in Wonderland or not but since the name is rabbit hole, "tea time" and they use playing card as table number. It pretty much reminds me about Alice in Wonderland theme, but without its playful colors. The Interior is white, minimalist and clean, it has dining area and store area (to display their tea collection). Before you come to this place, you might want to check their menus on their website, they changing menu every season.

I decided to order choc orange fudge latte after some time, to be honest I was a little bit confuse on what should I order, they have so many teas menu. It was actually a blend of black tea with chocolate and orange. I added 2 blocks of brown sugar to make it more sweet. I usually never add sugar to my tea but I think It better to be sweet for this one, so I put it. My Latte came quite quick and it was serve in the cute bunny tail cup. 


For my brunch I chose slow cooked beef in black tea sandwich, my friend said it was too heavy for breakfast, but who cares? I need some energy before go to work, hahahaha. Well, although for the winter day you might want to order their soup but I can't help myself when the guest sitting next to me order this menu earlier and the smell of sandwich was really appealing. The mixed of juicy slow cooked beef, tender pickled cauliflower and cheddar cheese were perfect. 

For tea lover, I think this place is a perfect hangout place. I think It wasn't enough for me if I just visit this place one time. I totally enjoyed my brunch here and can't wait for my next visit. Next week, shall we?

*sorry for all 1 x 1 photo types :P *

The Rabbit Hole
146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri || 9am - 4pm
Sat - Sun || 8am - 4pm

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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