Science Centre Singapore

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Back to April 2012, when I was visiting Singapore with my friends, I came to this Sciencefull Place called "Science Centre Singapore" (SCS), We also have similar place like this in Jakarta called "PP IPTEK" in TMII, and know known as "Science Centre" too, hahahaha.

Basically this is a place where you can learn many things related to science and technology in a FUN way. You can find many showcase exhibits illustrating the physical science, mathematics, chemical, technology, "outer space" things and many more that you never found in formal school (which is always tell us more theories than practical).

As I remember, this place is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, they also have package admission for SCS + Snow city or SCS + Omni theatre, or three of them with special price. At that time, I bought admission ticket package for SCS + Snow city for S$16, normal S$9 for SCS and S$27 Snow City (2 hour play time)

my fave place *i felt like in outer space*

Electricity Exhibition

Hello Wall-E

Shadow Puppet (Wayang) *Indonesia culture :)

It has permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition, for 6 April 2012 - 5 April 2013, there is Candy Unwrapped Exhibition. (visit their website for more details)


How to get there:

By MRT, You can take East-West line or North-South line and stop in Jurong East station, after that you can choose either walk for around 8 min or transfer to bus 66/335

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