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**edited May 14th 2013** Previously Dubai Aquarium hold Guinness World Record as The largest single acrylic panel, Well they have to give the predicate to S.E.A Aquarium in Singapore from now on :D

Yeay, just came back from my AWESOME holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I spent around 8 days in my uncle's apartment. Dubai is tidy, dusty and sophisticated, what can i say? They built artificial island in a BIG area, with BIG apartment, hotel, town houses and business center on it. They also have the tallest building in the world, it was built in the sandy area hmm desert area. Oh I can believe my eyes.

For today post, I will share about Dubai Mall :)

Dubai Mall is located next to Sheikh Zayed Road, interchange No.1. There are department stores, branded stores, leisure attractions and dining places here. We can easily do a broad variety of shopping from food, cakes, jewelry, perfumes to clothes. The first attraction that extracted me is DUBAI AQUARIUM, they built a huge aquarium inside the mall? I cant believe my eyes. Its size is 51 m x 20 m x 11 m, and also has the world's largest viewing panel at 32,8 m wide and 8.3 m high. I found many variety of fishes in it, sharks, rays, some amazon-big-size fishes and many more. It has acrylic walk-through tunnel, look alike "Seaworld tunnel in DUFAN (Jakarta)" but it's shorter. Admission fee for this attraction is 55AED for combo ticket approx IDR 145.750 (*1 AED = 2650 IDR), we can enjoy dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, and they also have premium ticket 80AED = IDR 212.000  for adding Behind the scenes tour and gift shop voucher from the previous package. If you want add your experiences by taking glass-bottom boat ride you have to pay 110 AED for the ticket.

oww to bad, they should replace this :( 

My other favorite place in Dubai Mall is The Souk. We can find jewelry, merchandise and watches store around here. The architecture is so unique and beautiful.  

to be continued 

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