[ Hotel Review ] Hotel Seruni - Puncak, Bogor

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Night view of Seruni Hotel III Main entrance

Seruni Hotel II

Balinese style waterfall in front of Seruni Hotel II 

Are you live in Jakarta and surrounding? Have no time to travel to another provinces or countries, But need some "time" to refresh your mind and recharge your energy? then why don't you try to spend your weekend in this beautiful Hotel in Cisarua, Bogor named "Seruni Hotel". It located in Cisarua, Bogor, near to Taman Safari Cisarua. With more than 4 types of pool, Fresh air, Beautiful view right from the balcony and super awesome architecture, Now it's become my favorite Hotel in Bogor Area. Play in the Sandy pool, do massage, spending time in Jacuzzi pool.  What a One stop entertainment! and now my family also fall in love with this Hotel

 Children pool

 Sandy Pool (my fave)

It mixed Indonesian cultures with Greek and Western culture on the architecture of the hotel's building. We can find many Balinese style sculptures, but we also could find some Rome and Greek style sculptures.

The room is huge and full of Javanese ornaments. Some rooms have connecting door to the next room, so it's really perfect for family gathering or for those who travelling in groups :).

 My family room *love the ornament on the ceiling*

Another type of room *upps my brother caught on camera*

 The balcony

visit their website for room rate and packages

Disclaimer: It wasn't paid article, honestly I love the architecture and the facilities, so I really want to share it to you.

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