Hello Kitty Town

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Let's follow this sign board, and we will arrive at Hello Kitty Town in Johor Bahru ;)

Here is another story from my previous trip to JB - SG last week, before I played half day in Legoland, I visited this cute cartoon house first ;). Hello kitty town is located in Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor. I took around 30 minutes from my hotel in KSL Resort. But in a couple months later, there will be some new hotels near Legoland and Hello Kitty ;)

Fortunately the taxi that picked me up to the park was so kind and helpful, He told me about everything around, How was Johor before Hello kitty and Legoland came up, What is Danga bay, What is JPO, and another tourist info :) thank you Mr. Lord (unique name right?)

By the time I arrived in the location, I just straight away queuing to enter the park, it was 10:05 and the park just opened. Thanks God we already had the ticket that I bought online on playtime.com.my, it saved my time for another ticket queue. The park is located on 1st floor, on the ground floor we could find red bow cafe and souvenir shop. The Big Club (another park like hello kitty town but consist of Thomas the train, Barney, Bob The Builder, Pingu and Angelina) is located on 2nd and 3rd floor. After the staff scan my ticket barcode, she gave me this card

Yepp, There are 6 activities that visitor can do in this park, another one is still closed. Nail salon, Jewerly making, Cookie studio and Costume Dress up are kind of KIDZANIA stuff (for others who don't what Kidzania is, it is a place where children can play some adult jobs). So I kept off those activities and came to Hello Kitty House first. This House have living room, dining room, bath room, bed room, kitchen, and wardrobe that's covered with hello kitty stuff, check out these pictures;

Once you came to the house, your card will be stamped and you can not re-enter the place because visitor only have one visit on each activity (It written in Visitor Daily Activity Card). So use your time well. I love the kitchen and the bathroom , so hooommmyyyyyy. Lucky you Kitty

This park also had a parade, we can meet Hello kitty, Daniel and My Melody character dancing and playing around at the purrfect stage in the middle of the park. It had a different show time during weekend and weekday, make sure you notice it. Or else you gonna missed it. They were jump to the left, go to the right, left right, left right, and jump jump jump, and clap clap clap around.

clap clap clap

After that I visited "HELLO KITTY BLACK WONDER", a cave that owned by Kuromi *another sanrio cartoon*. There was a word riddle game activity in it. Visitor will be given a lamp that had a sensor when touched to clue or the letter that we are looking for. Each chamber had different types of riddle and each riddle will give you one letter. When you solve all the riddles you will found all letters that you used as a password. Give the password to the check out counter, if you get the correct answer the staff will print out the certificate. *but at that time I wasn't join the game and just look around the cave*

The entrance

One of the instructions

Kuromi's Symbol

in the one of the chambers

Don't forget to visit the souvenir shop and Red bow cafe a lot of Sanrio stuffs and big club stuffs available there.

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