Beautiful Scenery of Umang Island

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I'm not a pro but every time I had a trip, I bring my Camera with me. I don't wanna lose any opportunities to capture great moments around. When I went to Umang Island for Outing with my work-mates, I did capture some beautiful sceneries. Here's my favorites

Is it sunset? no it isn't. It is sunrise, baby.

The sun is about to rise

getting up

Place where we stayed 

Beautiful sea, but a lot of rocks

Here you go the sunset
 getting purple, love it :)

I took those photos in 2011, I will never forget my trip to Umang. Beside its beautiful scenery, on the noon, sunrise and sunset. I can't forget about my 6 hours trip on the bus, with not-so-smooth-road-along-the-way. Super tired, hahahahha,

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