Night Market in Malacca

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It was my first time came to Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur, previously I traveled to Malaysia from Johor Bharu to visit Legoland.

Kuala Lumpur was not my main destination, I wanted to visit Malacca or Melaka, one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It took 2 hours for me to go to Malacca by Bus. I took a bus from Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur. It cost me RM9 one way. Bandar Tasik Selatan station was far from my expectation, I thought it was just an ordinary bus terminal / bus station, but actually it was big, cleaner and sophisticated. Frankly, I like that place more than LCCT.

By the time I arrived in Malacca, it was 10 pm and we decided to take a taxi to the hotel, and it was hard to find a taxi that used a meter/argo. You need to ask the dirver for the price before getting a taxi. It cost me RM20 from Melaka Central to Hallmark Hotel.

I don't want to waste my time, I just put the backpack in the room and walked down the street to visit Jonker Walk on Jonker Street.
(PS: That time I used backpack, I left my luggage in my cousin's apartment in KL) That time I became a backpacker.

At that night, Jonker Street full of people from inside and outside the country, there was a Night market held along the street, they sold foods, clothes, souvenirs, households and many more. I interested for street food, we (me, my cousin and my aunt) bought rice cake, fried ice cream, egg ice cream, durian fried balls and others. The price range from RM 1 - RM 20.

Welcome to Jonker Walk

One of street food stand

Unique statue inside Jonker Walk Park

Another gate to Jonker Street

A huge boat on the welcome gate

In the night, beside come to Jonker Street, tourist also can enjoy the night by visiting Hard Rock Cafe located in the corner of Jonker Street, beside Malacca river. Some of Hard Rock merchandise hunter, will never forget to visit its merchandise shop. Various products from clothes and household sold here. Remember you're age must be 21 and above to go inside the cafe.

Hard rock cafe Malacca

Malacca river at night

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