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Monas stands for Monumen Nasional (National Monument) is one of the landmarks in Jakarta. It has an observation deck that can be reach by an elevator from the bottom of the monument. The entrance gate to visit observation deck or the museum inside the monument is located around 100 meters from the monument itself. I don't really remember the ticket fees to enter the building. All I can remember was standing for an hour before entering the elevator that brought me to the observation deck.

There are 4 levels on this monument; basement, ground floor, level 1, level 2 or the observation deck

Here are some pictures taken from basement with museum inside it, ground floor where we starts to queue before entering the elevator, observation deck where we can see Jakarta from the height, and level 1 we can visit this level before or after going to observation deck, because to visit level 1 we can use staircase near to the elevator.

Jakarta from the Monas (observation deck)

 the view from observation deck

 queuing line =.= *sigh* (ground floor)

 Some people decided to take a rest (ground floor)

Museum in Basement area 

One of the display in Museum

At the time I visited Monas it was cloudy and I can't get pictures of a BLUE sky *so sad*, but in the afternoon finally the sun came out and the sky looked so blue and bright *loved it* 

Finally sunny outside 
(with my friend Rani as the model) hahaahha

How to get there :

From Blok M Bus Terminal:
Take Transjakarta bus (corridor 1 Blok M - Harmoni) and alight at Monas (MOnumen Nasional) station, fare Rp 3.500

From Gambir Train station:
walk around 10 minutes to National Monument

Ask me for another route via comment box :D

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