Starbucks Hunt #1 - Dubai

by - 11:20 PM

Start from today I have a new project called "Starbucks Hunt". Why? because recently wherever I go, if there is s Starbucks store I'll visit it. 

On my first blog post under "Starbucks Hunt" label, I'll tell you about my first Starbucks store hunt in Dubai and my first Starbucks item. 

Starbucks store in Burjuman Mall, Dubai

During my trip to Dubai, I visited 2 Starbucks stores, in Burjuman Mall near my uncle apartment, and in Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Mall. I run out Dubai and United Arab Emirates tumblers on the first store, but luckily when my friend accompanied me to Dubai Mall I found another store. This "Tumblers Fever" spread from my office-mate. She already started that hobby since 2008 and she always brings Starbucks tumbler to the office everyday. On my first Starbucks hunt, I didn't buy the tumblers for myself, it was for my friend. This what I kept for my self;

My first Starbucks items
Dubai - United Arab Emirates Demitasse Mug

Since then I becoming a Starbucks Items collector. I admit it, at the beginning I collected Starbucks mug or demitasse mug from country I've been visited, but lately I focus on Tumblers only. Well, sometimes I still buy the mug :D.

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