Starbucks Hunt #3 - Ho Chi Minh

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Last April, I went to Ho Chi Minh City. While researching for tourism objects in Ho chi min area, I found out that Starbucks finally opened its first store in this city and I'm so excited.

I searched for the store address using strabucks store locator and quickly searched for the address using google map.

Near to Pham Ngu Lao area 

Taadaaaa, it was my first to do list thing after reached the hotel. The store located on Nguyen Thi Nghia junction, which is a busy area. Yeaahh some people might know that Vietnam famous for its high amount of motorbikes. Somehow, It was quite hard to across the street.

Vietnam's first Starbucks store

I was not order for the coffee in Starbucks store at that time. Since Vietnam already known as one of the best coffee producer, so I tried Vietnamese authentic coffee on its local coffee store Trung Nguyen Coffee.

I bought five Vietnam tumblers, my office-mates which are also tumblers collector asked me to buy it for them.

Vietnam Tumbler :)

This is my third post about Starbucks hunt, you may also like to read Starbucks Hunt #1 and Starbucks Hunt #2

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  1. Keren keren di starbuck nya ada tulisan geret koper nya #kaburrr.
    Eh tapi aku kurang begitu suka kopi vietnam karena terlalu pahit menurut gw

    1. hahahah om cumii :p eh tapi es kopi susunya enaaaak banget loh om cumcum, tapi harus pas sih, kalo kurang manis jadi ngga enak :D


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