Summer Time in Grand Palace

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"Is it summer time in Bangkok?"
"Yes, it is, it's whole year Summer"
"err what??"

Most of my friends who have been visited Bangkok said that this city was Hot, Humid, and hot and humid, eh? and repeat and repeat. Oh gosh!! and this fact wont lower my will to visit Thailand. I also felt that hot and humid all year in Jakarta and I survived.

As a first timer, all I want to do is visiting all the FAMOUS tourism objects *tourist typical*. Due to that reason, I put grand place complex to my itinerary. Before I go to some places, I usually research for that place. After read BTS sky train map, ummm wait, this complex can't be reach using BTS Sky Train, mmmm I can't use Local Bus either, well actually I don't know how and I don't want to use a cab to reach the complex, errrr how then ?
Since I have a good relationship with a friend named "Google", he helped me to show the best way to visit this complex.

Simply use BTS Sky train Silom line alight at Saphan Taksin station and walk down to central pier station. Then we use Chao Praya express water taxi and alight at Ta Chang Pier 

At that time, the tickets price was 500 Baht, I don't know the price on weekday, perhaps it would be the same or better you get lower price. The staff will hand over 3 tickets to each of you. The tickets have different spot to enter. First one is for visit The Grand Palace and the temple of Emerald Buddha, the second is for visit The Pavillion of Regalia, Royal decorations and Coins. The last ticket is for visit either Vimanmek Mansion Museum, Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall, and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall or Sanam Chandra Palace.

Here's my Info, before entering the grand palace please visit The Pavilion of Regalia, Royal decorations and coins first. It's just 4 rooms from the ticket office. The staff inside this museum will give you a brochure with a unique symbol behind of it. Don't trash it, use it inside the museum by showing it to the available webcam along the museum, and some various information or video will appear :). I love that technology

alight at Saphan Taksin station - Silom Line

use exit 1 or 2 to Sathon Pier (central pier) what is the correct one? Sathon or Sathorn?

there are some types of boats, and we use this one 

 We will alight at Ta Chang Pier, don't forget to ask the staff first

we can find Grand Palace direction easily

don't forget, it open EVERYDAY, don't believe strangers :)

Once you bought the ticket, they will give you three :)

welcome to Grand Palace Complex and enjoy your summer time in Grand Palace

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  1. Naik yaa jadi 500 bath, lumayan mahal :)

    1. waktu kakak emangnya berapa kak?

      aku juga ga tau sih, waktu hari itu segitu harganya, tapi tulisannya juga pake tempelan kertas2 gitu di loketnya, apa karena peak season dinaikin yah??

  2. Yang keinget di grand palace ini panasnya minta dulu kayaknya tiket masuk gak sampai 500 bath ...tapi lupa juga sih :)

    1. nah aku jadi tambah penasaran kakk :((

      berapa sih harga sebenarnya? hahahaha


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