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an artsy, modern and contemporary lobby design @ Sheraton Bandung

Last Sunday, I managed to kidnap Sharon, a girl behind the famous food & travel blog Sharon Travelogue to accompany me on my visit to Bandung. Actually, It was a surprise weekend getaway. At beginning I just planned to redeem hotel voucher gift from @liburanak as I became one of their twitter quiz winner. It stated that I can stay for 1 night in deluxe room at Sheraton Hotel Bandung. *yeaayy*

When we checked in to the hotel, hotel staff told us that our room has been upgraded to Suite Room, I don't realize it until I stepped into my room. Well, Let me introduce you to one of the Best room at Sheraton Bandung. 

My own dining and living room

What a cozy living room

Who need dine outside when you have this?

Fluffy King Bed, I'm in love with this bed

Master Bathroom

Bath tub, anyone?

I got a perfect weekend getaway at this five-star hotel, my suite has balcony with direct view to the pool. It has separate bedroom, living room, master bathroom, small bathroom, a dining table and pantry. I got not one, but two LCD TV, one in living room and another one in bedroom. Beside its gorgeous suite room, my favorite part on this Hotel was the pool. It has an impressive pool design and landscape arrangement.  I felt like I spent a holiday in Bali though I never left West Java.

Let me remind you, It is in Bandung

I had a pleasant breakfast at Feast Restaurant, it provided various menu from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Western food. Those food selections made me confuse, I really want to try all menus, but I don't think my stomach can't handle it LOL. I even can't help myself from their beautiful cakes and pastries.

One of restaurant staff offered us carrot and ginger juice that used a unique pipe glass, too bad I didn't have a picture of it.  Don't forget to try their salad selections, they put salad dressing inside a unique glass.

If you are stay in Suite room, you can get access to have breakfast inside towers lounge which has a private and luxurious ambience than Feast Restaurant. But if you want to have a proper breakfast you still can have a breakfast inside Feast Restaurant.

Balcony seating on Towers Lounge

they also held wine tasting in this lounge, you can check for the schedule first

Sheraton hotel also has fitness center and Shine Spa as part of their facilities. I spent my first night at Shine spa just before hit the bed. I really like the ambiance inside, it so blissful and peaceful, they are really attention to every detail. I felt so fresh after I spent one full hour in the massage room with subdued lightning, a relaxing room scent and song. 

When it was time to checkout, I can barely move my feet to walk out of the room. I wish I could stay longer. Sheraton Bandung gave me an extraordinary weekend getaway. I definitely would recommend this property to my family on our next holiday in Bandung, I bet they would love it too.  

Thank you @liburananak for the gift voucher and thank you Sheraton Bandung for The SUPERB hospitality and luxurious experience. 

I was a guest on Sheraton Bandung, but all opinions are my owns. Stay tune on a great deal & offers from this Hotel on my blog, I will share it to you :)

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 390
Phone: (+62) 22 2500303
Twitter : @SheratonBDG
IG: @sheratonbandung

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  1. Gila di upgrade ke suite nya, jd mauuuuuu ... gede banget yaaa kamarnya, kayaknya muat di isi 10 orang kruntelan ;-)

    1. kayaknya kalo boleh bawa kasur sendiri, br12 juga masih legaa kakk, kereeen beneerr ini SUITE roomnya *pengen lagii*

  2. wooow setelah direnov jadi keren banget giniii...ahhh pengeeeen
    semoga ada dines ke Bandung biar bisa nginep sini hihihi (blm mampu kalo bayar sendiri)

    1. iyohh taa, jadi kecee badaai yah desainnya, suka banget deh
      ahahha iyeeh masih belum mampu kalo bayar sendiri

  3. meidii, what a great staycation, and a great pict!! mau nyelipp di kopernya meidi..lol

    1. ahhaha since I used public transportation, I didn't bring suitcase I just brought backpack with me, but yess, I think you will fit in :))

  4. Replies
    1. yes, it is a great place to spend weekend in Bandung, Agness :)

  5. sarapannyaaaaa ^o^...aku selalu ngeliat bgs engganya hotel itu dr sarapan buffetnya hahaha... :D

    1. ahhahaha iyaaah benerr, aku sampe bingung mau mulai dari mana makannya, beneer benerr ini surga sarapan

  6. Aaah aku pengen banget ajakin kiddos berenang di situ Mei!

    1. ahh iyaa seru, ternyata selesai direnov jadi kece banget, tmn2 aku yg anak Bandung aja jadi pada mau ikutan main, btw kak aku ada info Sheraton Family package, nanti mau aku post

  7. First picture reminds me Changi International Airport, what's the name again? *lupa* xixixi

    1. itu kak, kinetic rain yang di terminal 2 yah kalo ga salah, eh 2 apa 3 yah *kemudian pikun*

  8. Eh belakangnya bagus!! Nyesel pisan ih kak gak nyempetin mampir ke sana :(


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