What happened in 2014 stay in 2014

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Finally it's almost the end of December and it's time to do 2014 recap. A lot of good things happened in this year, and also some bad one. But never mind, good and bad can get along as long as we can control the bad and made this as valuable lessons in the future.


Family trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore, I promised my lil brother to take him to Legoland. So here, we were playing all day long inside Legoland theme park. During this trip, we stayed in Hallmark Regency hotel Johor Bahru and 5footwayinn project Boat Quay, ohh I love them.


It started when I've got promo ticket to Banjarmasin, I paid 113.300 for two way tickets from Jakarta - Banjarmasin using Citilink Airlines. Thank you my dear friend Fidy who accompanied all the time during my visit to Banjarmasin, pssstt it was my first time coming to Kalimantan Island too.


Hongkong - Macau trip, It was my first ever experience trip with 9 travelmates, huge team, right? LOL. We visited Disneyland, Ngong Ping, and also did a day trip to fabulous Macau. With that quite huge number of travelmates, get lost still become our daily routine LOL.

I supposed to visit Belitung, I got promo ticket to Belitung from Citilink. Sadly, I need to arrange Superior Workshop at Cirebon, therefore I cancelled my trip to Belitung :((.

Kuala Lumpur
Another promo ticket :)) for only arround 300k IDR, I visited Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Putra Jaya. Actually I have another tickets to Miri and Kinabalu, but too bad I don't have enough work leave day. We stayed at Back Home Hostel near Mesjid Jamek, I like this spacious hostel and we has a pleasant stay.

Some of my photos published in book titled "Family Backpacking - Singapura & Malaysia" by Kak Olenka from Backpackology and Tesya from Tesyasblog. Thank you pretty sisters, Smooch from Jakarta. It was my greatest birthday gift :D

my pics in the book :D


Belitung Island, wohooo after I cancelled my trip to Belitung last April, Finally I got another chance to visit this beautiful island. God might be love me so much :), you might like my photoblog as well.


Malang - Batu, finally visited my friend Debby along with fellow travel blogger Halim and we did restaurant hopping and went crazy inside Museum Angkut.


Double Visit to Bandung :), I always love to visit this city and I would love to revisited it even more. On my 2nd visit to Bandung in November I've been so lucky to try suite room in Sheraton Hotel :) yaayy


Where are you going on this December? well I'm not going anywhere, don't be sad if you were in the same position as I am. Holiday is not about going places, right? but i think it's a state of mind, so wherever you are it's good as long as you can together with your family :) *tumben ngomongnya bener, padahal manyun ga pergi ke mana-mana* (but might be it would be nicer if we in a real holiday LOL). But on the last day of December, I was happy someone told me that my lost story in Saigon from my previous interview with one of their reporter been published along with Tiwi's and Dita's story, thanks mba Nora.

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Dear God, Thank you for a SUPERB 2014. So what would happen in 2015? a full year in Aussie? A job in SG or MY? Join a photojournalist team in Japan? well, I never know, it's still GOD mystery. See you on 2015 guys :) 

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  1. Amiiin. Semoga salah satu dari wishlist Meidi kesampean siapa tau bisa nebeng kalo Meidi kerja di Jepang hihihi

  2. Ah ... kak mei jalan2 mulu, aku iriiiiiiiii. Ajak lah aku ini dong dong. Btw selamat tahun baru 2015 sukses selalu :-)

    1. hahahahaha ahh om cumm *sodorin kacaaa*

      aminnn aminnnn :) semoga kita semua mencapai kesuksesan yaahh

  3. tau ih, si mas cumi sok merendah bangetttt ;p..

    Moga2 2015 jalan2nya lbh banyak ya Meiii ^o^...

  4. asiknyaa! Semoga di 2015 lebih banyak lagi jalan-jalannya :)

    1. amiinn mbaa, semoga dikasih kesempatan buat jalan-jalan lebih banyak lagi

  5. Mari kita rancang jalan bareng lagi Mei, cari Taman Nasional lagi yok hehehe

    1. ahahahhaah TN mana lagi yang seru kohal? mau mauu mauu


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