4 Newly Opened Restaurants in Senopati Area, South Jakarta

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Since I live around this neighborhood, So whenever there were newly opened restaurant I'm excited to come and try. So here they are, 5 newly opened restaurant in Senopati area and I bet they will be famous soon, or maybe they're famous already.

1. Pao Pao - Liquor and Dimsum

Basically they served dimsums, there were many dimsums selection from steamed, fried and baked. Most of the beverages served in Pao Pao were liquor but no worries you can also find non alcohol drink like tea, flavored tea, juices and coffee. Their coffees came from Giyanti Coffee roastery which is really famous for their great coffee. It located at Jl. Senopati Raya no 16, South Jakarta.

2. Arasseo - Soju Bar and Eatery

Upper left : Strawberry mocktail
Upper right : Ojingo Bokkeum (Stir fried squid in spicy sauce)
Lower left : Tobiko eggrolls
Lower right : Green tea pat bingsu

I loved this resto because of this simple, clean and white interior not to mention their wall texture that made me feels like dining inside an igloo. They served Korean food selection such as; ddeokbokki, dakgangjeong, kimchi and bulgogi. Their tobiko eggrolls was really nice but it think it too pricey for me.It also located at Jl. Senopati Raya no 16, South Jakarta.

3. Moi Bistro - French and Vietnamese

Upper right : Roasted lemongrass chicken
Lower left : Hot Vietnamese Coffee drip
Lower right : Fried spring rolls

Although Moi bistro was not too spacious, but I like the ambiance they offered. This restaurant dominated with black and red colors along with beautiful tiles and chandeliers. Again, their menu quite pricey for me, but it only costed you around 25k for their Vietnamese coffee drip, you should try it. It located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 71 - South Jakarta

4. Amber - Chocolate and Bar

photo credit : Astri Akuanbatin, visit her zomato profile
Upper right : Chocolate assorted 
Lower left :Tazmanian Salmon 
Lower right : Chocolate Melt

Actually I was waiting for this restaurant for long, I fell in love with this exterior at the first sight. They have three storey, on the first floor you would find Pastry Boutique, on the second floor there's library theme dining room and on the rooftop you'll find Bar. This restaurant also served pork.

It feels like I traveled around the world and filled my stomach  with those Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Korean and French food, though I never left Jakarta. From my experience, if you want to hang out with friends and dinner with a great menu and affordable one, you can try Pao Pao. They have Dimsum packages with only 100K we could get 12 pieces of fried dimsum or 16 pieces of steamed dimsums not to mention their delicious and generous filling Xiao Long Bao, and their lychee flavored tea served with popping bubbles. Most of these restaurants offer a quite dark to dark dining area at night, so if you don't really like that ambiance you should choose Arasseo or Amber. Money to spend? All of these restaurant most likely make you spend around up to/more than 100K rupiah for 1 person.   

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  1. Kalo resto ada pork nya, biasanya dijamin enak hahaha

    1. mwhahahahahah nah itu tuuhh, kebetulan yg Amber aku belum cobain

  2. Udah nyobain three wise monkeys belom? penasaran tu yg punya katanya sama dgn yg punya liberica coffee

    1. belum pernaah hahahahah =,=
      iyah istrinya yg punya 3 wise monkey, suaminya yg punya liberica hehehehehe
      katanya enak sih

  3. Mending ke Kopitiam Oey, Mei. Kopi Susu Indotjina-nya (mirip kopi Vietnam di atas) cuma sekian belas ribu. Hehe. Anyway, gue suka dengan chocolate bar-nya <--- penggemar cokelat

    1. iyahh itu emang vietnam drip gitu sih :D
      jujur sih saya bukan coffee lover, heheheh tapi cuma suka icipp

  4. vietnam coffee drip, nth kenapa ga pernah cocok ama lidahku ;p.. mungkin krn aku jg bukan penggemar kopi kali ya ;p..

    blm ada yg aku cobain tuh Mei... suamiku males bgt kalo udh diajak k daerah selatan ..jauhhhh katanya -_- Tapi resto dimsumnya boleh juga tuh...aku suka bgt ma dimsum ;)

    1. aku juga bisa minum kopi kalo pake susu kak :)) ga bisa kalo pure kopi doang

      Pao Pao tapi bukanya mulai sore kak, tp emang not bad sih :3 semoga kalo kamu ke sana masih seenak pas aku ke sana kemarin yaah

  5. gila deh senopati udah kayak food city ya bo, dulu jajahan gw nih, tiap lunch paling banter dulu itu ada nya Vietopia, sekarang buset...

    1. paraahh kak macetnya sekarang :))
      Sepanjang senopati dari apotik sampe perempatan bakti udah full resto semua, dan biang macet aahahahah


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