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Well to be honest, I never expected I found this cool, playful and colorful property in the middle of Bali. When other properties in Bali mostly adopted traditional Bali ambiance, Studiotel Luna2 come out with this great idea and bring this property in a whole new level. Initially, I heard about this property from Hotel Quickly. A couple weeks ago they posted a picture of a colorful pool in Studiotel Luna2 and I loved it at the first sight. Therefore I planned to visit this hotel on my trip to Bali. Lucky me, I greeted by Mr. Asni (Luna2 Director of Sales) and Mrs Ellisa (Luna2 Head of Communication), they were really nice and humble and it was a great time to have a chat with them.

If you wondering why they named it Luna2? and where is Luna1? Well actually Studiotel Luna2 named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon in late 50's and as we knew Luna1 crashed and failed to do its mission. 

The designer, Melanie Hall refers to her design style as "Funked-up modernism", with references to modernism and 60's pop. At the first time I came to their colorful lobby, I felt like "wooowww it's like a playroom" I found a cute and colorful rubic shape stool *I really want to take it home* and that Monopoly man on the glass door. Hall also designed the property with futuristic things, corresponding with Luna2 ethos, "Respects the past, welcomes the future and like to have fun in the process!" 

Elissa explained to me that this property only have 14 rooms that divided into 3 type of rooms; studio, grand studio and sunset studio. The hallway to each room was really unusual, they adopted monopoly board design. Instead of using number to a room, they gave a different name to each room based on a color inside the room with property/city name in Monopoly board game British edition. There are Mayfair, Strand, Piccadilly and Bond Street which are also London's foremost addresses.

Bond Street - Grand Studio

'circle of love' sofa

Piccadilly Street - Studio

It called "Studiotel" because of their super-spacious studio rooms yet it still a hotel :). All studio rooms facilitated with not only one but three TV's, one flatscreen in lounge area and bathroom and one Brionvega TV at workstation. I love every single detail of each room, where you can find a "Maxi" Bar in retro SMEG fridge.  Too bad that I couldn't take a look to their Mayfair sunset studio because it occupied. 

Beside those super spacious rooms, they also have other facilities such as; colorful Pool side where I found Mr. Spock and Pink Panther on the wall, Orbit Restaurant, POP! Lounge Bar, Space Rooftop Bar, Wine Cellar and my favorite spot Lunaplex, ultra-plush 16 seat private cinema that has 3 showing per day, hey they also have popcorn machine outside the room and not to mention their supppeerrrr cozy seat. As a sunset lover, I think I will spend my afternoon on Space Rooftop Bar for sunset photo hunter.

Quirky and Fun Pool

Orbit Restaurant

Pole dance spot and Dance floor

POP! Lounge Bar

Lunaplex - Private Movie Room in Luna2

Space Rooftop area - Perfect for sunset hunter

I would love to stay in this property on my next visit to Bali *awww can't wait*. Don't you like this Studiotel?

Jalan Sarinande No.20
Seminyak - Bali

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  1. Ih seru Lunaplex nya ya..kapan2 mau mampir kesitu, Thanks For Shares :)

    1. Hai kak :)
      tapi si Lunaplexnya itu cuma bisa buat guest hotelnya aja, atau kalo mau katanya bisa booked lunaplex buat private occasion

    mauuuu ikut donk kalo ke Bali lagi *semoga jadwalnya pas* :D

    1. aminnn, yukk semoga ada rezeki main ke Bali lagiii ;3

  3. Aaaah, pasti our Kiddos betah di hotel ini! :)

    1. iyahh seru kakk :3

      malahan ada baby sitter service loh, jadi parentsnya bisa tenang liburan :))

  4. Kece banget desain nya ... jadi pingin nyobain :-)

    1. sekecee aku yahh kakk

      *aku emang keceee* ahhahahaha #ditendang

  5. caakeeeeepppppppp ^o^... ratenya brp Mei??? Kalo ke Bali aku mw nyobain hotel iniiii... warna2nya aja udh bikin gemeeess

    1. nyahahahah ratenya lumayan kak :D
      kalo lagi promo 250USD ++
      aslinya 350an deh *_*
      tapi emang dengan fasilitasnya worth to try sihh

  6. lucu bangettt tempatnya, Mei! Paling suka ama Lunaplex n lounge bar-nya. Mau ngintip ah ntar kalo di Bali, hihihi

    1. hahaha asikkk nanti kalo kamu nginep di sini dan dapet yg kamar Mayfair, aku mauu liat yahh, sunset studionya kecee katanya


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