Hong Kong has become the alternative holiday destination abroad for us, Indonesian, who have been, and done, with Singapore. I went there last year with my BFF. We did so many things within a few days and had a blast! We also visited various coffee shops in Hong Kong, as it's one of our favorite activities to do back home and anywhere else. Today, I want to share a few of it, tailored to your clothes and timing. Enjoy!

If you find yourself in Hong Kong and are..

Looking for a good first day breakfast place

We just landed in Hong Kong the night before (4 years ago). Fully rested and ready to embrace Hong Kong in the daylight, breakfast was our first choice.  Our local friend, the Virgin, took us to a Hong Kong style café. It was a simple toast+egg+coffee combi and tasted really2 good. ‘Til date it’s one of my best breakfast memories. There are lots of local cafés in every neighborhood in Hong Kong and most of them have a numerous choices. You can go to the same one for weeks and not eat the same thing twice. So enjoy!

^ Look how content Yin’s face was slupring the tea (^^)