Having Fun with Birds at KL Bird Park

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Something came out in my mind when I planned to visit Kuala Lumpur along with my families. I have 2 years old niece which means I need to find a suitable place for her but also have to please my 15th years old younger brother. Suddenly, I came out with an Idea to visit KL Bird Park which greeted enthusiastically by my sister and my niece, but it didn't happen to my brother. I need to find another way to explain it to my brother, therefore I read more review about KL bird park first. 

KL Bird Park is a world largest free-flight walk-in aviary

Me : "Have you ever been to a bird free-flight walk-in aviary?"
My brother : "it's a same thing with the one I visited in TMII Bird Park, right?" (a bird park located in Miniland Indonesia, Jakarta)
Me : "yes, it's similar but it bigger, at that time we only saw stork and goose on a free flight area, right? How about peacock? Have you ever seen pink parrots, the turkey sized crowned pigeon?"
My brother : "wait, wait, can I see a peacock in front of my eyes? without a cage?"
Me : "Yes, and I bet it will be healthier than the one you have found on my Nong Nooch village pictures in Pattaya" 
My brother : "Well, count me in then!"

yeaah problem solved.

don't forget to follow the park rules

entrance tickets

click to enlarge

Kl bird park is divided by 4 zones;

Zone 1 and 2 are free-flight area where you can found birds fly, walk and roam in the park
Zone 3 is Hornbill park
Zone 4 is caged birds area, playground and an amphitheater where you can watch Bird show twice daily.  

The park is open daily from 9 am, we came to the park around 10 am and we were ready to explore the park after we got the tickets. First thing first, don't forget to read the rules hanging on the first door in the park. 

We directly walked into Zone 1 and greeted by white birds, one of them was really curious with my camera and decided to stay next to me and kept watching my camera, soo funny. My niece was very excited and scared at the same time, she really wanted to take a pose near to those birds, but when the bird moved a bit, she ran immediately. We also met peacocks in zone 1 and my brother was very curious and waiting for the peacock to stretch it beautiful feathers and it never happened. For your info, Peacock stretch its colorful and beautiful feathers on purpose, they will do it to attract the opposite sex.

KL Bird park has several feeding time on different area, starts 10.30 am at free-flight area till 4 pm at water fall aviary. It also has Bird shows located at amphitheater at 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm.  

the white bird I-forget-what-its-name bird on pose (help, anyone?)

pretty peacock

welcome to world of parrots

cute parrot waiting for feeding time

PINK PARROT (my first time ever)

Look! who's super excited playing with Birdie :) 
she said "Terbanngg (Fllyyyy)"  

When you get tired walking in the park, don't worry :) there are some benches and rest area inside the park, so you can take a break for a little while in rest area, ate ice cream like my brother and my niece did and continued your walk. Our favorite places in this park was World of parrot area and Flamingo Pond.

smart red and blue macaw birds on stage

While my niece enjoying her time on the Playground, My mother and I came to Amphitheater to watch bird show, where I found smart birds like Cockatoo, Red and Blue Macaws shows their cleverness by do acrobat, counting number, picking trashes, guessing game, rearrange shape and many more.

Another thing to remember, there was not ATM machine available in this park, so make sure you bring enough cash for buying food or you can use credit card in the gift shop. I really recommend this park as one of your destination when you visit KL, especially for those who travel with family.

One thing I regret from my visit was I didn't buy anything from the gift shop, in fact that I really wanted to buy several fridge magnets but me and my families must go for Friday prayer and we have to wait for KL HOHO bus in front of the park first.

How to get to KL Bird Park?

On my case, we were using KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus to get to this park, bus stop no 14 is located just in front of KL Bird Park. Some of friends told me, the other better transport is by using a taxi.

When I searched it on the internet, some people said RapidKL bus 115 from KL sentral has a stop near the park (and you need to talk a walk to the park).

KL Bird Park

920 Jalan Cenderawasih, Tasik Perdana
Kuala Lumpur

Thank you KL Bird Park for Family Pass and my niece excitement to fly, all my opinions are my own

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  1. Aku kesini ama anak nya temen gw, cuman akhirnya gw nunggu di depan doang

    1. Aku belum pernah nih kesini :D, kalau ke KL senengnya kuliner . Eh di blitar juga ada yang kayak gini mas cum~ di alun - alunnya~ cuma ya nggak segede di KL :P

    2. loh kok nunggu di depan aja om cum? heheh kmrn juga karna bawa anak kecil sih dan adik aku juga sifatnya observer banget, dia ngerasa "gak biasa" untuk bisa berada benar2 dekat banget sama merak dan beberapa Unggas yang ga biasa, jadinya excited om cum

    3. @Kak Fahmi
      beneerrrr bangett, surga jajanan yah :))
      meskipun makan beratnya ujung-ujungnya selalu nasi kandar (abis bokap suka banget sama itu) tapi kalo cemil-cemil variasinya banyaakk :3

  2. Mei, bagusan Bali Bird Park ya kayanya.

    1. aku belum pernah ke Bali Bird Park kak :((
      jadinya ga bisa bandingin :((

  3. Aku belum pernah ke sini nih. Kemarin pas ke KL, ternyata kejauhan lokasinya dari hotel, so kita tidak jadi ke sana deh...

    1. iyah kak, lokasinya emang agak tersembunyi gitu, eh kemarin pas cek free busnya KL, kayaknya ada yg stopnya deket-deket sini, tapi ga tau udah beroperasi apa baru rencana

  4. kmrn mw kesini, tp batal Mei... kalo ga salah kamu jg deh yg rekomendasiin dr twitter.. ntr ah next k KL mw mampir... Fylly yg suka liat2 bgini sih... :D

    1. iyah :3 mungkin untuk areal ga rapih rapih banget, tapi si free-flight walk-in aviarynya itu loh yang kece banget menurut aku, apalagi aku sebagai anak kota yah, ga mungkin deh bisa ngelihat burung2 kayak gitu di sini dan dari deekeett banget

  5. wah keknya butuh persiapan fisik yang kuat nih....

    1. eh? ga butuh persiapan fisik kok =,= kan ga hiking, hehehehe *dilempar sendal*


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