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A week before I visited this cat cafe, I already managed to visit one of Jakarta's cat cafe in Kemang. Me and some of my friends who already visited cat cafe in Jakarta and Singapore thought somehow it was really overprice (in Jakarta to play with the cats (ONLY) we have to pay 50.000 rupiah per hour/person, meanwhile in Singapore we have to pay around S$10 - S$15 per hour/person) Well, Purrfect Cat Cafe had a different rules and I think it win win solution for guests. In this cafe, they didn't have fee per hour for playing with cats, instead they have a minimum purchase for food an beverages. With minimum RM18 spending on food and beverages, guests can play with cats for hours, yes I repeat it for HOURS or until you get bored. 

I even asked about this twice to the cashier down stairs,
"Are you serious that I can play with the cats all day long? no time limit?"
"Yes you can play for hours, no time limit and if you can't decide which food/beverages to order, we have some set meal too"

ahhhh they really knew me so well, so instead taking hour on deciding what food and drink to order, I preferred to order set meal. At that time, I chose french fries with Lychee soda something LOL *I forgot, totally forgot, since I can't wait to play with those cats*.

some of cakes selection

post-it wall

"Not everything in Nature has a function" I fixed it LOL

Purrfect cat cafe only has 8 cats and unluckily at that moment, 2 of them was sick :( and I didn't know where were the other 2, I only managed to play with 4 cats which actually two of them sleeping until I leaving the cafe, which means I only play with two cats ahhahaha.

When I visited Cat Cabin Jakarta in Kemang area earlier, all guests have the same area for eating and playing with cats, while in Purrfect cat cafe they created a different area between dining room and playing room for guests and I think It was a great decision. So I can play with the cats without worry to much that those cats will touch or eat my meal (well some of human food can be a disaster for cats too).

Now, let's say hello to some of Purrfect Cat Cafe Residents:



Teddy - who is sleeping all the time

I forgot to take pic of Molly since she slept on the couch and I didn't want to wake her up.

Purrfect Cat Cafe
53, Muntri Street, Georgetown
+60 4 261-1197

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  1. miaow....kucingnya ndut ndut...hehe

    1. hahahaha iyah ren, well maintain :P

    2. Udah pernah kesinii... e pas kesitu kucingnya kok cuma dua ya :| katanya yang lain lagi cuti atau gimana gitu~ Tapi udah puas meski main - main sama dua kucing saja :D

    3. hahahah samaaa, ini aja harusnya ada ketemu 6 eh cuma available 4, entah yg 2 kemanee hahahaha

  2. Replies
    1. hihihi kamu kebalikan sama aku, aku takut banget sama anjing :))
      nyebrang jalan aja kalo ada si doggy di sebrang ga berani nyebrang :))

  3. Huah!!! kucing-kucing lucu!!!

    1. aku gemee banget sama yg si Teddy soalnya jenis Scottish Fold

    2. akohhh suka bear!!! muka galaknya lucuuuu..
      lgpl gw emang suka ama kucing berwarna abu2..
      suka ingetin sama kucing gw di papua dulu.. si Kuku..
      *mendadak sedih*

    3. *pukpuk* jangan sedihh, kalo mau liat kucing Scottish Fold ada di cuties cat cafe Kemang

  4. nah yg ini lbh reasonable hargnya.... aku ga masalah byr utk makanannya, walo agak mahal..tp kalo hrs bayar biaya main ampe per jam, kyk td yg ditulis ama mba tesya, 82500 per jam per org, terlalu mahal sih kubilang... blm include mkn pula..suamiku pasti ogah kalo diajak kesana... mending main ama kucing dia di rumah :D

    1. iyah dari cat cafe yg pernah aku temuin, ini paling reasonable menurut aku, dulunya dia pake per hour fee juga, tapi sekarang udah dirubah, daaaann boleh berlama-lamaa :3


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