Holy Smokes - Slow Smoked BBQ, Wolter Monginsidi - Jakarta

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Do you know the hipster Crab Restaurant called Holy Crab in Gunawarman, South of Jakarta? Have you tried it? to be honest I have not, lol. Well because I'm allergic to seafood, so I'm afraid with it. But fortunately right now, under the same flag Ersons Food, Holy Smokes was born and located near to Holy Crab too and I can try it because it isn't seafood *Put smile on my face*.

Holy Smokes is a slow smoked BBQ restaurant that I think It might become a new hipster place. I attended the press launching on last Friday and they will be open for public later on this July after Ied Mubarak (actually they opened for public last Saturday and tonight, and will reopen after Ied). 

Holy Smokes's interior combined Industrial theme along with rustic and modern touch, with wood and black color domination. Beside the common dining table, Holy smokes also have a communal table, which is a long table that consist of more than 10 seating capacity. 

What's special in Holy Smokes?

The way its cooked the meat is really unique, while other BBQ restaurant just grilled the meat on the grill, Holy smokes "cooked" the meat slow using "smoking" technique, while they have to process the meat from 4 hours for Southern Style Beef Ribs, 6 hours for Texas Short Ribs up to 14 hours for Smoky Beef Brisket. No wonder the meat was really tender.

What to order in Holy Smokes?

Their special menus are Smoky Beef Brisket, Southern Style Beef Ribs, Texas Short Ribs and Onion Straws. I have tried Smoky Beef Brisket, it seasoned really well, seeped and tender. For side dish you can choose, between baked beans, coleslaw, corn, green salad, homecut fries, potato salad or mac & cheese.

 Smoky Beef Brisket

 Texas Short Ribs

 BBQ Chicken (Whole)

 Pulled Brisket Sandwich

Green Salad

Holy smokes also have a different order method, right after you order you meal on the "Order Here" counter they will give you a device that will vibrate and rings when your meal is ready to pick up on "Pick Up" counter. It reminded me of the same service method on one of fast food restaurant in Dubai, but this time I was not surprise anymore LOL. 

Well, ready to please your taste bud with these delicious BBQ dishes?

Holy Smokes
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.27
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan

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  1. Okay, should try this one too :D look different with other restaurant in jakarta~

    1. tempatnya seru sih :3 makanannya juga nyenengin + ngenyangin hihihih

  2. Kmrn mau nyobain tapi macet nya kagak nahan dan batal puter haluan

    1. hihihi harus tau tricknya om cumm, jgn lgsg lewat Wolter :3
      nanti abis lebaran aja nyoba ke sini lagi

  3. ok, sepertinya ini hrs aku coba jg..kmrn malam aku buka puasa di The holy ribs mei.. anaknya holycow yg baru.. tp krn blm nyobain holy smoked ini, blm bs bilang deh enakan yg mana :D..

    1. wiihhhhh udah ke Holy Ribs yg di pangpol yaaa?
      kmrn aku ga nyobain ribs di sini sih kak, cuma si smoky beef, bbq chicken sama sandwichnya

  4. deket kantor! penasaran sama brisketnyaaaa

    1. ih kantor kamu di mana?
      itu brisketnya beneran nagih lohh, ini aku ada voucher tadinya mau dibagi-bagi, tapi kalo keingetan beef brisketnya kayaknya mau dipake sendiri aja kali yahh *ahhahah ga mau rugi*


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