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What's Tapas? actually Tapas are variety of appatizers or snack in Spanish cuisine. "So? I'm gonna try Spanish food?" asked me to Sharon very enthusiast. "yes, Spanish Snacks" she replied. We got lost first before finally found Cuca Restaurant in Jimbaran, Bali. After we entered the front door, We greeted by a huge garden with greenery and garden lounge for outdoor dining area. I wonder it will be so romantic and perfect for couple during dinner time. 

I found Cuca has a simple and humble exterior and interior with green and orange colors domination. Its Indoor dining area is spacious with glass on their both side, makes this area really bright during daylight. Cuca also has curtain to cover each seating area to get private dining. 

Cuca's food made exclusively from the best and freshest Indonesia local ingredients. Well...well.. this what we called East meets West. Tapas categories in Cuca divided into 3 different types, Harvested, Hooked and Farmed.
Cotton Betutu

This Cotton Betutu actually was a free complimentary from Cuca, it tasted so light just like cotton candy, but with savory flavor.

Baked Scallop

No, you may not focus yourself to the stones LOL, those were just for food presentation. Cuca's Baked Scallop is Lombok scallops combine with mashed cauliflower and toasted butter crust. I can taste its complicated seasonings in just one bite. (and yes, one bite is NEVER enough)

Cuban Corn

Meat & Potatoes

This simple Cuban Corn was Sharon's favorite dish, it consist of grilled baby corn, young parmesan, fresh lime and parsley. Meanwhile, Meat & Potatoes is beef and mushroom rogut with whipped potato, red wine marmalade. This one was my favorite dish, its whipped potato was so light, beef was soo tender, I even didn't have to chew it. 

Crispy Chicken Fried

This menu smell just like one of our biggest chicken fried fast-food menu, and it turned out inspired by it and tasted like one. I guessed, they were used chicken oyster part for this crispy chicken fried. This menu served along with country coleslaw, sesame dust and asian basil. 

Well now, let's continue to d-e-s-s-e-r-t-s or I better called it heaven LOL. At first I was so confused when waiter come to our table and put a bowl with sunny side up-look dish. It turned out one of their famous and most favorite dessert called Bali Breakfast. With sweet runny mango, frozen passion fruit and whipped coconut. It was a stunning and mind blowing dessert, Cuca's staff reminded us not to pour it together but directly spooned from top to the bottom to get the best flavor result. I owed a big thanks to her. Another dessert served for us was Strawberry Cloud Cake, this menu has so much components on its serving plate, freshly baked sponge cake, pandan gelato, dry sliced strawberry, peanut powder and berry cream. Again, for better flavor result, we have to put all of the components into one bite size, and voila it really better than its separated flavor.

 Bali Breakfast

 Strawberry Cloud Cake

For drinks, Sharon and Gabby ordered cocktails which I can't drink it, but I took a picture of it happily. Look at those colorful ice cubes, aakkk I really wanted to smash it to pieces and eat by myself. I ordered Rosella Infusion, it has sour flavor and perfect for a sunny day like that day.

 Moon-gria Cocktail

 Sun-gria Cocktail

 Rosella Infusion

On my next visit to Bali, I will happily visit this restaurant again. 

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Jimbaran - Bali
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  1. Suka dengan konsepnya, Mbak. Terus penyajian makanannya juga ciamik banget, penataannya keren deh. Menu-menunya pun unik, mungkin karena saya belum pernah melihat yang seperti ini ya, minumannya tampak segar cuma itu koktail ya :haha. Baiklah, kayaknya kalau ada waktu, kunjungan ke sini adalah suatu keharusan :hehe. Great review!

    1. hahaha iyahh, gara2 cocktail akupun ga berani icip, Thank you garaa

  2. tempatnya descent banget ya Mei, di Spanyol malah kebanyakkan resto nya yang rustic dan low profile :)

    penampilan fruity ice di gelas sangria nya menarik banget ih, beneran kan ya itu es dengan rasa buah?

    * * *

    Jalan2Liburan → Toko Buku Atlantis di Santorini, Salah Satu Toko Buku Tercantik di Dunia

    1. Aku belum pernah liat kalo kondisi dinner time sih, katanya kece banget, ini bangunan mereka cuma kira-kira 1/3 dari luas tanah di sana loh kak :3

      iyah itu ice cubenya rasa buah-buahan, tadinya mau aku ancurin :)) :))

  3. menunya unik2 banget siihhh.....duhh udah lama gak ke Bali nihh.
    tapi bandara masih buka tutup gitu bikin galau :(

    1. iyah, sekarang masih ga nentu yah dit.
      kemarin kan kak Tesya juga sempat kena buka tutup bandara :((

  4. OMG Meiiii...jd pgn ke bali skr... itu dessertnya menggoda semuaaa ^o^... slama hamil ini nth knpa aku suka bgt ama segala macam dessert... :D

    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh kamu lagi isi lagiiii? ayook sini aku jajanin es krim di Le cafe gourmand, ada esgriim enyak enyak kak

  5. Coctail nya seger bener, tapi makanan nya kok gw kurang menggoda yaaa hehehe

    1. hahahah kurang ngenyangin juga yah om? cuma cemil-cemil gitu sih soalnya

  6. hidangannya unik-unik banget ya mba

    1. iyah aku takjub setiap liat menu baru dihidang di meja


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