Expect The Unexpected in Penang

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Have you ever visit a place where many people asked you questions on "why are you going there"?
The more people said some place is less interesting for them, the more interesting I am, silly right? This is what happened with me when I was planning my trip to Penang earlier this year. Some of my friends raised their eyebrows and kept asking me "What are you going to do in there?" "There's nothing you can do in there!" but I proved them wrong, Penang is not only for medical trip purpose.

There're so much things to do in Penang and I will share you some, hope this will inspire you to travel to Penang.

Mural Hopping

As some of you might know, Penang famous for its murals or wall arts. You can find more than a dozen murals all over Georgetown, even they have a specific free map for this (you can find it on the airport). Thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist who painted most of the murals in Georgetown. In 2012, Ernest started his projects and kept maintain it until know. My favorite one is mural of a couple of children on a swing which located on Gat Lebuh Chulia.

Wrought Iron Hopping

This is another excited and fun walking tour to explore Penang. Tourists who visited George Town would love to explore the city and hunt for wrought-iron caricatures with anecdotal descriptions of the streets. Most of the pictures are describe the cultural or the history of the road which the picture being placed.   

A Lot of great Cafes

Need a place to hangout? working space? or just spend your afternoon in the cafe? no worries, there are a lot of great cafes in Penang. You can find some cafes along Campbell street and Love lane. My favorite is Moustache Houze on Campbell street, it served a unique beverage. For a tea addict you can also take a sip of great TWG tea inside the fancy and homey place called living room in Macalister street. 

 Love lane is famous for its coffee shops

 stroll around on Campbell street and you will find many hip cafes

take a sip of high quality tea in Living Room @ Macalister Mansion

Yummy Local Food

Whenever you visit a new place, first thing you should do is looking for their local food. In Penang, you can try their Asam Laksa, Ais Kacang, Curry fish head, Nasi lemak and some traditional cakes (I have not try it yet). I like Briyani Claypot on Lebuh Chulia and nasi Kandar Line clear on Penang road.  

who want some ice? here's ais kacang 

Asam Laksa Penang 

It's not an usual Briyani rice, it's Claypot Briyani Rice 

ice milk tea or known as Teh Tarik 

The famous nasi lemak but this one with fish 

Sightseeing Bus

Ride a sightseeing bus that will take you to the most of tourism attraction in Penang. Penang Hop on Hop off bus covers around 50 major tourist attractions from Georgetown to Teluk Bahang area with total 33 bus stops. For complete review, you can visit my previous post about City Tour with Penang Hop-On Hop Off.

3D Art Museums

I thought I will just found one or two kinds of interactive museums in Penang, but when I search it on Google, Penang has 4 different interactive or 3d art museums. They are Made in Penang Interactive museum, Odeon, Penang 3d Trick Art museum and Penang Amazing World Studios. While others interactive museums show colorful pictures, in Odeon it shows black and white picture with funny story. Read about another Interactive museums in Penanga here.

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  1. What's more, Penang is UNESCO's World Heritage Site, so it definitely has something to offer. Makanannya itu... yang membuat saya paling tertarik :haha. Ngeces ngeces dah, terutama sama nasi briyaninya :haha. Dan hebat memang, dari tembok-tembok polos yang terkesan menjemukan itu ada kreasi untuk menuangkan kesenian berupa mural atau wright iron. Destinasi yang sangat layak untuk dikunjungi :hehe.

    1. hihihi iyahh, makanannya bikin ngiler meskipun kadang pusing liat porsinya geedee buaanget.

      hunting plank ironnya tuh seru banget loh, karena ternyata setiap ironnya itu menceritakan sesuatu, khususnya tentang sejarah atau jalanan di sekitar situ

    2. asli bikin ngiler itu es cim nya..mau dnk
      ^_^ - ^_)

  2. 3D art museumnya lucuuukkk
    pas ke sini belum adaaaa T_T

    1. yang Odeon baru kak, tapi ada beberapa yg lain udah ada harusnya pas kamu ke sana

  3. waktu ke sana sendirian, jadi ngga ada yg potoin di mural2 nya. padahal cakep2

    1. nah aku juga sebel tuh kalo kayak gitu :(
      mau selie kan susah yah, itu untungnya abis aku nolongin motoin orang mereka mau fotoin aku, kalo foto yg kedua malah selfie bareng2 ahhaha

  4. haiyaaaa ada lbh bnyk lg tempat2 wisata di penang :D .. bukit bendera, batu feringgi, kuil dewi kwan in, ....jd kangen bgt ama penang -__-. Dan iya mei, tujuan utamaku kalo ke penang pasti yg pertama adalah kuliner :D.. nasi kandar pelita ttp jd favorit nomor 1

    1. ahhahaha nasi kandar pelita ada juga yaa di Penang? aku pernahnya ke Nasi kancar line clear sama yg briyani claypot itu kak


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