Hello Kitty Diner - Chatswood, Sydney

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A couple weeks ago my friend Stephanie posted an article on her Facebook regarding to the opening of new restaurant in Chatswood area which owned by one of her friend. Hello Kitty? in Australia? Are you kidding me? I never thought that I would find this restaurant in Sydney region. I directly asked her to bring me to this restaurant one day. 

You know, after I decided to move to Sydney for one year, I have to manage my expenses really tight, especially on food *sigh*. But deep down I really want to try many great cafes and coffee shops in Sydney, just wait and see.  

When my friend got her day off, she asked me whether I wanted to go to Chatswood with her or not. I said yes immediately, since I haven't meet her since our WHV interview on last February. I can't resist the cuteness of this pussy cat so I made an exception to visit this restaurant, hahahahah.  

This Hello Kitty Diner is located just above the Chatswood train station. Unlike other Hello Kitty cafes or restaurants, this place is not dominated with pink color and more likely featured American Diner style instead. Hello Kitty Diner served American-Korean fusion menu, confusing right? considering Hello Kitty was originally from Japan, well never mind. Staffs on the front house were using a cute Hello Kitty head band with white shirt and also an apron. 

We ordered Gee Gee burger, Crumbed mozarella stick with jalapeno mayonnaise, Sweet potato fries with miso mayonnaise, Cappuccino and Salted pretzel milkshake which I considered as dessert hahahah. Lucky me, they served a new form of the Salted pretzel milkshake. They created a hip style of beverages in Sydney and also put one scoop of ice cream to my milkshake, me likey. It didn't take a long time to wait for our orders, really a good job.  
  a new form of Salted Pretzel Milkshake with ice cream

Cappuccino - or I might called it kittypuccino? 

  Gee Gee Burger - Korean fried chicken, cucumber kimchi, pickled vegetables

Sweet potato fries with miso mayonnaise 

Crumbed mozzarella sticks with jalapeno mayonnaise

My favorite was Gee Gee burger, its Korean fried chicken was really crispy and the vegetables were really fresh. For my Indonesian friend, if you have a plan to visit this place, make sure you bring your own ketchup or chili sauce as they will not provide you one (I know you will love this meal with those sauces). For the sweet potato fries and crumbed mozzarella sticks were slightly overcooked as you can see it was a little dark brown but it really match with their dipping sauce. I like their miso mayonnaise rather than jalapeno mayonnaise. I like the crunchiness of their Mozzarella sticks and you better consume it while it still hot, otherwise its cheese will not really melted. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in this restaurant and will pay another visit to try their dessert menu. I would love to try their hello kitty shaped waffle menu. *another day after I got the job in Sydney of course* 

Hello Kitty Diner
The District, Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, Sydney

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  1. foto kamunya manaaaa? akuh kan kangeeeeen :(

  2. wiiihhh aku penasaran rasa sweet potato dijadiin kentang goreng gitu... :D.. kalo yg mozarella stick aku kyknya bakal suka deh, secara penggila keju banget :D

    1. hihih iyah aku jadi suka sweet potato fries gara-gara beli di Inari waktu kemarin, rasanya persis ubi gorengnya abang-abang kok kak :)

  3. Those looks soo good, apalagi milkshakenya beneran bikin ngileer :')

    1. aakkk iyahh, itu paling aku sukaaa :3
      hipster banget di sini dessert yg kayak gitu bentukannya

  4. pita di mana-manaaaaaaa... gemes..

  5. Who does not adore Hello Kitty? When I was a child, I used to collect different Hello kitty stuff that my daughter has now acquired. This Diner surely knows how to capture Hello Kitty fanatics, my friends from think of dissertation now would love to visit this place sometime next year while on vacation in Sydney.


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