Sydney Iconic Landmark Vs Lego

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Do you remember my post about miniland area in Legoland Johor Bahru where I can see some of beautiful Asia iconic landmarks in a form of Lego? I just visited another Lego exhibition here, in Sydney. As a newcomer in this area, I mostly spent my first week on walking tour and I found this exhibition by accident. When I found this museum, I was catching a bus to Kingsford near Philip street and decided to come to this museum the day after. 

Sydney Iconic Landmark Lego exhibition was smaller than I expected and smaller from the previous Lego exhibition I visited in Singapore too. My jaw dropped when I saw the detail of those miniature building. I wish I could bring the right lens to my camera :(. Since I brought my fixed lens, it was nearly impossible to capture the whole miniature in one frame *stupid you Meidi!!*. This great Lego certified professional, Ryan McNaught created all of these miniature. For the Sydney Opera House, I took him 371 hours to complete and used 210,000 bricks.

 I prefer the Lego one, the really Luna Park gate looks so creepy

Sydney Harbour Bridge

 Hey You Sydney Opera House :)

So, what do you think? 

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  1. serius, aku jd penasaran, aku sndiri mampu ga ya bikin miniatur lego bgini :D... perlu ketelatenan dan kesabaran tingkat tinggi soalnya..

    1. hahahah aku kalo Lego masih bisa sih kak, kalo Nano block yg kecil banget itu baru mau pingsan hahahah


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