Afternoon Tea at Livingroom, Macalister Mansion - Penang

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It was my second time travelling to Penang and at that time lucky me I have my own Penang food guide. Remember my previous post about Postcard things in Penang and I borrowed pictures from one of Penang food blogger? yess..yess.. I met Jennifer in person last May when she traveled to Jakarta and I came to visit her in Penang on October.

She gave me some cafe lists to be visited and I chose this one, Living Room at Macalister Mansion. I love the picture in her instagram account at this place, this place looks so pretty. I knew about Macalister Mansion when I did some research about Penang but I didn't know that this hotel has a beautiful restaurant.

This place is known for its afternoon tea set with various TWG tea selections. They didn't serve the cakes and pastries on a cake tier but on a flat square thick tray. Living room has 3 different dining areas, we chose the room that close to the main door one which is decorate with hanging plant and nice tiles. 

Simple yet adorable

Since it was an afternoon tea, it served in the afternoon. It starts from 3pm - 6pm during weekdays and from 2pm - 6pm during weekends. Living Room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner meal outside those hours. It has so many tea selections and I randomly chose royal vanilla tea which is turn out so good and had a great smell. I think I might buy these tea bags in Jakarta's TWG store.

This afternoon tea set will cost you RM 39 per person with minimum 2 people. They served 9 different cakes and pastries from bagels, wraps, scones to pop cakes. They were a combination between sweet and savory cakes and pastries. Well, I think it was a big portion even for two people *we tried so hard to eat those, too much to handle LOL* so we decided to take home some of the cakes.

Here are our afternoon set

My royal vanilla tea, Oh gosh I love it, it smells so good

mini chicken tomato and basil quiche

mini smoked salmon bagel
this one is my favorite for savory selection 

mini layered cake with edible gold chocolate
this one is my favorite for sweet selection

Overall I really had a great time during my visit to Living Room at Macalister Mansion, it has a really nice tea, nice interior design and yummy cakes and pastries. Jennifer said that they rolling cakes and pastries selection for the Afternoon Tea set, but we didnt know the exact time, can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I also knew Macalister mansion also has another restaurant called Dining Room, well it will become my next visit then :)

Living Room at Macalister Mansion
228, Macalister Street, Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Ph : +60 4 228 3888

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  1. Kalau menurutku gak lucu mba, tapi lebih condong ke imut,, hehe

  2. uwwahhhhh, aku lbh tertarik ama makanannya meeei ^o^... keliatan enaak... jd inget novel lima sekawan, pas minum teh sore2, pake kue2 yg deskripsinya bikin ngiler bgt :D

    trs itu rak nya aku suka ih, planning mw bikin rak buku yg bgitu... sepanjang dinding utk koleksi buku2 ku

    1. tempatnya seru loh kak, sebenernya malah naksir sama hotelnya hahahahahha

      ini kuenya enak-enak lohh, tapi kemarin beneran kekenyangan, sampe dibungkus bawa pulang

  3. Sumpah sumpah lucu banget keren ... tapi kenapa yg di jual manis2 semua, yg asin gurih tetep ada kan ??? aku ngak begitusuka yg manis2 karna sudah terlahir manisssss

    1. ada asinnya juga kok kak, tempatnya seru buat foto-foto glendotan manja sampe ala-ala princess

  4. Ini tempatnya baru ato aku yg kudet yak? Padahal beberapa kali ke Penang :p. Hahaha.. asli kece banget ! Kapan ke Penang lagi aku kudu kesini nih kayaknya :D.

    1. ahahaha aku sih kurang tau kak baru apa lama, tapi kalo hotelnya sih harusnya udah aga lama yah, aku sukaa banget, boleh deh kapan2 kalo kakak ke sini lagike Dining room atau Living roomnya :)


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