Black Star Pastry - Rosebery, Sydney

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Finally I have a proper cake hunting after more than a month since my last cafe hopping in Maroubra and Chatswood. At the first time I came to Sydney, I did some research regarding dessert parlour and coffee shop in this area and some of my friends recommended this place, Black Star Pastry.

There are 3 Black Star Pastry store in Sydney CBD, Newtown and Rosebery. Well, because it quite hard to find parking lot in the city and Newtown is to far from eastern suburb, me and my friend Linda decided to visit their Store in Rosebery. The exterior of the store is clean and minimalist with black and white dominant colors, while inside you will feel rustic ambiance.  

oww pretty pretty cakeeee :3

Now let's try the cake

I picked the famous Strawberry Watermelon cake slice with almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream, pistachios and dried rose petals, meanwhile Linda picked mini Orange cake with persian figs, cranberries, pistachios, rose petals and candied coriander. 

It was my first time eating a cake with dried petals on it, well I used to drink tea with flower flavors like Camomile or Roselia but this one is totally different. This cake was so light and those fruits were so fresh. There are slices of watermelon in cake layer which is surprised me and it balanced the cake sweetness really well. Meanwhile the Orange cake was just okay, well I like the moist and the cake consistency but somehow I didn't like the after taste in my tongue, it was a little bit bitter.

Too bad I didn't try their quiches and pies, some of the reviewer in on of restaurant finder said that they were great and really worth to try. Well, there always next time, right? on my next visit I will try their Quiches and Pies :)
 Mini Orange Cake versus Strawberry Watermelon cake

Strawberry Watermelon Cake

 Orange Cake with Persian Figs

Overall I like my Strawberry Watermelon cake is worth to try because it uniqueness (have to try another cakes too), but It was quite pricey for me (Mini Orange cake A$4.5 and Strawberry Watermelon cake A$7.5) 

**This Strawberry Watermelon is created using Halal gelatin (I really like it when cake shop really open to customer with their ingredients) you can check it here

Black Star Pastry
C1 85 - 113 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW
Ph : (02) 9557 8656

Opening Hours:
8am - 3pm weekdays
8am - 4pm weekends

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  1. Ya ampuuun itu cake nya, aku cuma bisa nelan liur aja mba... huhuhu. Tapi seneng juga karena mereka terbuka soal kehalalan bahannya :).

    1. iyah, aku juga kemarin baru sadar pas baca info di webnya dia :) hihihihi

  2. Ya ampuuunnn, pgn nyobain yg toppingnya bunga2 ituuuu ^o^.. apa rasanya yaa.. aku paling suka lama2 di toko kue mei..wanginya itu jauuuh lbh semerbak drpd restoran2 kan ... bikin betah ;)..

    eh kalo yg watermelon cake mah di jakarta dan surabaya udh ada mei.. Lareia cakery namanya..enak jugaaa ;).. aku udh langganan gara2 nagih ama watermelon cake merekaaa..aghhhh jd pengen pesen lagi

    1. waaah Lareia cake udah punya watermelon cake juga? ahhahaha waktu di Jakarta aku ga tau kak, tapi emangkatanay yg pertama kali bikin sih di sini kak :3

  3. Bedanya ginger ninja ama naked ninja apaannn? #eh *kabuuuur*

    1. naked, kamu ga tau naked om? itu loh orang yang gila-gilan akan sesuatu, itu namanya naked.. ahhahahahah

  4. Duhhhh enaknya, kirimin dong ke desaaa :3

  5. Very nice picture and looks very tasty , I so wanted to go there.

  6. wihh... fotonya menarik kak ^^, dan hidangannya pun juga tk kalah menarik :3 TOp deh (y)

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