How to Legally Crashing Stranger's House in Australia

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Me: "We are gonna stay in stranger's house!!"
Friend 1: "Really? How could that be possible?"
Friend 2: "Is it legal thing?"
Me: "it's totally LEGAL!"

How does it feel to stay in stranger's house? Whoaaa I finally have a gut to stay in airbnb property which means I will stay in a stranger house. Do you know airbnb? airbnb (air bed and breakfast) is a website where you can find list of house or room for rent in many countries. It founded on 2008 and now has more than 1,5 million listings in 190 countries. This website helps property owner to find its tenant by upload property pictures and features.

Well, to be honest it was my first airbnb experience, I never used it before even in Indonesia. It was totally a unique experience I ever had, I stayed in a place where there were less tourists with cheaper price than normal hotel in the area. This website not only offers whole house property, but some of them also offers private room / share house property which allows your to stay with stranger in the same house.

Beach Front Apartment in Narrabeen

Narrabeen is a suburb located in Northern Sydney, it will take you around 40 - 45 minutes by bus from Sydney CBD. What I love the most from this area is its nature tourist attractions. In same day, you swim or surf on Narrabeen beach or paddling and canoeing in Narrabeen lake. In this area, there is Sarah's house located near North Narrabeen.

Sarah's apartment is one bedroom - one bathroom unit with balcony facing to the beach. Yep your read it right, facing to the beach. It feels like you have your own beach, every time you will hear sound waves. I like Sarah's place because it less noisy and less people go to the beach in this area.

 It was gloomy afternoon, beach and rain are not a good combination

Beachfront room? hell yes

Character House in the heart of Sydney

Here's my other airbnb experience in Sydney. I have experience to stay in 3 stories sandstone cottage located in Pyrmont, Sydney. Emily's house has a very unique character and I can't believe this house was really warm and cute.

I just found out that this house was built in 1851. It was 2 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms property with living room, lounge, kitchen, balcony and backyard. It located in the middle of busy area close to Darling Harbour, Sydney Fish Market and The Star. See? so much to offer :) 

source image : Emily's House

Pssst the bed in this room is waterbed
source image : Emily's House

source image : Emily's House 

*I took some pictures in Emily's House, however the pics on her page is better than mine so I put those pictures instead, LOL*

Overall, I really love this airbnb experience, It feels like you travelling away from home without even leaving your home :). I was a great thing that I always get different and exciting experience whenever I stayed on airbnb property. Sign Up to airbnb now and get free ~ A$45 travel credit. 

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  1. aku bingung milih mana yg paling bagus dari 2 tempat di atas mei... yg pertama keren bgt bisa ngeliat lgs laut gitu tiap bangung tidur ^o^, walopun aku benci pantai ;D.. tapi itukan krn panasnya doang ;p. Yg kedua kesannya cozy banget, ada ala2 perapian nya juga...

    pengen sih mei nyobain airbnb.. apa penginapan di jepang ntr aku liat dr airbnb aja yaa.. apalagi kita rame2, lebih dari 10 org..

    1. ini rumah yang kedua itu 2 kamar tapi kalo digabung lounge sama livingroom total okupansinya bisa 9 orang loh hahahaha, itupun tidurnya udah nyaman, kalo empet2an dikit bisa nambahin org kayaknya.
      dan itungannya lebih murah ketimbang hotel, aku ajaa baru ngeh kak :)) :))

      coba cek airbnb dulu kak, siapa tau lebih murah

  2. Wow the picture cant justify its beauty!

  3. Aku kok fokus ama sprei kasur nya garis2 keren gitu yaaaa, besok nyari ah di ambasador

    1. ahahahhaha aku juga suka loh motif2 seprei di sini, kiyut kiyuutt kalo mampir ke beberapa toko yg jual sprei akuu gatel mau belii semuaa


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