The Incinerator Restaurant, Willoughby

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I found a place where you can eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner by yourself, with a friend or even with family which not only serve great food but also have an art space with greenish view on the back and really close to playground. It's one a kind restaurant, right? This restaurant located in Willoughby, Northern Sydney called Incinerator.

we sat on outdoor area (it seems like for take away area LOL) 

Incinerator? really? at first I was confused why they named it after this waste material burning machine. Well, it used to be a place for incinerator back then in 1930's which transformed into a nice cafe which located beside the Bicentennial Reserve now. It has indoor and outdoor seating, and you might want to take the outdoor seating when it has nice weather in Sydney, because I think when it crowded their indoor seating will become too noisy. 

As me and my friend came during lunch service, we ordered Southern Fried Chicken burger and Wood roasted fish for our meal plus Mocha coffee and Pineapple, apple, lemon and mint cold pressed juice for our drinks. 

Wood roasted fish

 Southern fried chicken burger

Pineapple, Apple, Lemon and mint cold pressed juice

Mocha Coffee

My wood roasted seasonal fish served with eggplant salad and lemon. I got King Trout for my lunch (this menu served seasonal fish, you might want ask staff for what kind of fish they have that day, when I heard it was King Trout I nodded my head quickly), it cooked really good and seasoned well. The skin was so crispy and the fish fillet was so juicy. As I do not really a fans of eggplant, so I might say this eggplant salad was okay and I can't believe I can eat half of it, my mom should be proud, lol. My friend who is a big fans of eggplant said it was nice and she helped me to finish the salad, big thanks to her.

My friend's Southern fried chicken burger served with savoy cabbage, parsley slaw, hot sauce and potato wedges. I tried this burger a bite too, I like it when burger buns toasted. Its karage chicken was juicy, slaw and cabbage were fresh.

The Incinerator serves coffee from The Grounds Roaster which is known by its great coffee. I reaaaallly like my cold pressed juice, I did not expect my drink would be sooo and refreshing, but it was, REALLY. Well, my drink was quite expensive but it was really worth it especially on the hot day.

We still have another mission to try their cakes and pastries, so we decided to order carrot cake and mocha cinnamon roll as our desserts. These two cakes were incredibly GOOD. Even my friend said it tasted like home baked by her parents and remind her for good childhood memories. I'm not the one who grown up with cinnamon roll and carrot cake, but I can say this Mocha cinnamon roll was really tasty.

 Mocha Scroll

Carrot Cake

Overall, I really have a great experience during my lunch in this restaurant. They served really nice food, I really satisfied with my super yummy roasted King Trout and my super fresh cold pressed juice (I really recommend you to order this drink, it was so refreshing). Finally I have to thank its carrot cake to close my delightful lunch. 
2 Small Street, Willoughby, New South Wales
ph 02 8188 2220

Opening hours:
Open daily from 7am - 4pm
Breakfast 7am - 11.30am
Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner 5pm (fri & sat only)

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  1. pas baca, aku juga mikir, serius namanya incinerator :D?? Ternyata bnr2 udh disulap cantik jd cafe gini... Mana makanannya sumpah itu ikan aku pengeeennn -__-.

    utk yg dessert, carrot cake sepertinya enak.. aku baru sekali nyobain carrot cake, dibawain ama nasabahku waktu itu, dan lgs suka... padahl aku ga doyan wortel, tp kalo dibikin kue gini trnyata wortelnya ga berasa :D.... Kapan ya bisa ke sydney :D.. Ga mungkin dalam wkt deket -__-.

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  3. Kak ... itu kentang gosong banget, macam kulit ku yg terbakar matahari hahah


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