4 Exciting Places to Spend Your Afternoon in Sydney

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Let's us forget about Opera House, Royal Botanical Garden, Hyde Park, Queen Victoria Building or Darling Harbour for a second. Those places are too famous and also full of people during day and night. Well, Sydney has many other places to offer. I like to explore the city to find great spot to spend a day just for daydreaming or picnic or just for hanging out with some friends. Here's my first 4 favorite exciting places around Sydney:

1. Barangaroo Reserve

there is also a jogging track

You can reach Barangaroo by walk from Wynyard or Circular quay or by bus 311 / 324 / 325 from Sydney CBD. This place is something else (well at least for me) it located *still* in the middle of the city but we will get totally different atmosphere. From the old building on the background to the cube rocks near the bay. 

2. Woolloomooloo Bay

There are many yachts' pier in Sydney area and this one is one of my favorite. Located next to Royal botanical garden, Wollomooloo bay can be easily reach from Sydney CDB *again by bus* you can take 311 bus heading to Watson Bay. In this area we can watch some people do fishing, some big ships, restaurans along the bay and the one and only Ovolo Wollomooloo (an artsy hotel which has a wharf look on its aisle, well I think it was previously a real wharf).

3. Molineux Point Lookout, La Perouse

Bare Island is on the right side

At first, I went to eastern suburb to visit La Perouse. Uhhhh but that day was a sunny day in summer time and it turned out really difficult to find a park space near the beach or Bare island. So my friend decided to take me to this area which is waaaaayyy more quiet. We can have the park just for ourself we can see Bare island and La Perouse beach from here. What a relax afternoon.

4. Narrabeen

peaceful lake

peaceful beach

I always love this suburb, well although you have to spend 45 minutes by bus to this place. Narrabeen has beach and lake, we can picnic on the beach or paddling on the lake. Both of the area have different atmosphere, my favorite is the lake. On Sunday there is local market near the lake where you can buy clothes, food, candles even cactus and small trees. 

Which one is your fave? 

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  1. Waaah, entah kapan ke Sydney atau Aussie, dicatet dulu lah rekomendasi tempat ini, siapa tahu baper galau lari menepi ke empat tempat ini :D :D

    1. nanti daftar tempat ngegalau di Sydneynya aku tambahin deh :P

  2. Tunggu aku di sydney bulan september....

  3. yg nomor 1 ^o^... soalnya aku ga begitu suka pantai, makanya yg berbau2 pantai ga begitu menarik hati mei :D

    1. hihihihi, seru yaahh pertama mampir ke Barangaroo ga berasa kayak lagi di Sydney loh, atmosfernya beda aja gitu, trus batu-batu yg kotak-kotak itu jadi berasa prehistoric hahahaha

  4. hiks.. foto-fotomu kk Mei..
    bikin mupeng!!!

  5. Kalo aku di Barangaroo reserve, duduk di sana sendirian menikmati sore, atau malam, mungkin akan tercipta puisi. Lalu aku akan memanggil sepasang muda-mudi yang lewat, meminta mereka untuk memberikan satu kata yang akan kujadikan puisi buat mereka.
    hmmm ini sih adegan film Before Sunset

    1. hahahaha, iyah tempatnya emang seru banget
      dah gitu ga ramai seperti taman-taman lain di Sydney cocok buat ngegalau


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