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What is come into your mind when you heard words "Choux" or "Choux cream puff?" 
For me, that words will remind me to the final episode of Junior Masterchef Australia season 1 where the grand finalist, Jack and Isabella have a pressure test to recreate Adriano Zumbo's pear perfection. I think that was my first time hear about choux but I never tasted choux until today.

Fortunately my foodie friend, Gavrila asked me to join her to try a cute shaped choux cream puff in Rosebery area. I searched via Instagram hashtag about the place quickly and found some of famous Sydney foodies uploaded these cute items. 

It wasn't my first visit to Rosebery, previously I came to this area for haveing a watermelon cake at Black Star PastryLocated on Botany road, Doux Amour was really easy to found (thanks to Google Maps) and this place open from 10am - 2pm on Sunday (another thanks to Zomato app). We finally decided to come to this dessert parlour first before heading to another place to get our brunch.

I didn't see any other cakes on the display except these cream puffs. I found some mini dummy cakes on the right bottom but I don't think they have it on stock. There were 4 different types and flavors of cream puffs but we only chose 3 of them.

Penguin Blackie - Black Sesame

Rosie Pig - Lychee & Rose

Nutty Freckle Bear - Nutella (I believe you will love this one)

The cream puffs were yummy and they were not overly sweet. The cream filling was so light and soft. I like the Nutty Freckles Bear shaped with nutella cream filling. Cream puff with Penguin shaped has black sesame cream filling and the piggy shaped has lychee & rose cream filling. These two flavors were okay as I am not a fan of black sesame and when it comes to lychee and rose, I think I would prefer in a form of ice cream.

For drink, I only purchased one menu, Green tea latte. They have Sweet potato and Taro latte as well. It was really good to have a hot cup of latte on a such cold day. Psst today was 11 degree celcius and the wind was no joke, as a girl who come from tropical country, this Sydney's autumn is too cold.  
Green Tea Latte

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in this place and I hope they will continue create another new cute and yummy menu. It was not really spacious cafe and it was full this afternoon. 

Doux Amour
Shop 2, 797 Botany Road, Rosebery, NSW

Opening Hours:
Mon Closed
Tue - Sat 10am - 8pm
Sun 10am - 2pm

Doux Amour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. kak kalo dari blom M mau ke sana naek apa ya?
    pengen yang pinguin kaaaak, lucu bangeeet

    1. hmmm jadi gini kak, dari BLOK M naik damri dulu ke Soekarno hatta turun di terminal 1E, cari flight yang ke Sydney yah kak, kalo udah sampe bandara nanti aku jemput hahahahha

      iyahh lucu banget kann kayak akuuu

  2. kalo aku ntr ke sydney, kyknya cuma pgn wisata kuliner ajah :D.. semua yg kamu post bikin neguk ludah ngeliatnyaa ;p

    1. haahahahahha, nanti kalo udah lebih banyak bahannya, aku mau bahasa makanan khas Australia yah kak


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