My Favorite Free Things To Do In Sydney

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Who doesn't love free things? some people might say Sydney is a freaking expensive city, well I can't argue with that, but there are still so many things you can do in this city for free. Here are some of my favorite free things to do around Sydney.

Take a walk on Sydney Harbour Bridge
There are 5 ways to get through Sydney Harbour bridge, by bus, by train, join climb harbour bridge tour and by bike or walk if you want to travel it for free. Plus you can see Opera house from the bridge and it will give you a different angle of the building. Some people even take this route as their jogging track, how interesting.

afternoon stroll with my fellow travel bloggers :)

Sydney Opera from Harbour Bridge

Stroll around Darling Harbour
At the beginning I am not a fan of Darling Harbour as I never find this place exciting, but one day on my way back to apartment I saw bridge in darling harbour move to let some yatch and huge ship passing through *I wasn't sure what kind of ship at that moment* but finally I realized this place is the nearest place in the city to see the moving bridge. You could find another one in the Spit, Mosman.


The moving bridge

Burn the energy along Bondi to Coogee Walk
Well, if you think 6kms walk with beautiful scenery and fresh air is a great idea for the weekend then you should try this route. From Bondi beach to Coogee beach, you will pass Tamarama beach, Bronte beach and Clovelly beach. If it's not enough, continue your walk to Maroubra beach.

Become an art enthusiast in Art Gallery NSW
I like to go to museum especially if it is for free and it has a magnificent building architecture. There are some museums in Sydney that you can visit for free, and Art Galery NSW is my favorite. Art Gallery NSW located in the Domain near Royal Botanical Garden.

Go to Hyde Park for an escape in the middle of the city
There are so many things you can do in Hyde park, from lunch break picnic, dinner on the park with a friend, yoga with team until Saturdate near Archibald fountain. 

Picnic in Royal Botanical Garden
It located near Opera House, however the first time I came to this place I didn't choose the gate near the Opera House but I came from another gate near Wollomooloo bay. It has so many tree and herbs collection inside the garden. For detail information on what blooming on the season you can check their website. Beside the garden, my favorite area is Mrs. Macquarie's chair which is the best spot to catch sunset in Sydney with Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house as the background. 

Purple hour of sunset

Go to T2 tea shop around city and take a sip of great tea
This is not a sponsored post, but trust me if you a tea enthusiast just like me you will love to come inside or even you are not a big fan of tea you will enjoy to stroll around the shop and try their tea creations for free. They brew different hot and cold tea recipes and will share it to customers who visit their store, everyday.

T2 Newtown branch

Take a sip of various tea everyday for FREE

Chai recipe?

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  1. Sydney is indeed a lovely city. I used to stroll around and spend some time at the Rock while visiting this city. It's just wonderful..

    1. I do like The Rock ambiance and they have weekend market too, I think I will go to the Rock another time to try Pancakes on the rock

  2. I always enjoy walking when exploring other country. Hopefully someday bisa mampir juga ke Sydney :)

    1. aku juga suka banget jalan kaki dan di Sydney kemana-mana jalan kaki juga seru loh, pedestriannya besar bikin nyaman

  3. Aku baru tau yang T2 Tea Shop... Jadi pengen ke Sydney lagi, cuman ga pengen bayar visanya. Hadeh..

    1. Psssttt ada lagi icip-icip gratisnya, minggu depan aku update yah :P

  4. icip2 gratis teh nya tiap saat ada ato ada waktu2 tertentu mei? walopun everyday tapi mungkin ada saat2 tertentunya aja? aku trmasuk suka ama teh, walopun ga a big fan bgt yaa :D.. tp biasanya teh2 yg dimasak ama expertnya gini memang beda rasanya ama teh biasa.. Inget pas di beijing kita disuguhin aneka teh yg rasanya macem2 dan enak... sejak itu aku suka ama teh

    1. SETIAP SAAT aahahahahahah
      kalo 1 picther abis, nanti mereka akan bikin lagi ntah itu flavor yg sama, atau yang lain :)

      aku juga tea addict banget sih kak, makanya suka banget mampir ke T2 *uhuk* icip teh gratis

  5. Aduh asik banget. Sudah view kotanya keren banget eh habis gitu masih bisa dapet gratisan teh :o


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