Sydney 1950s in Photographs

by - 11:40 AM


OK I lied, the photos above is actually taken by me yesterday afternoon. But how come there were some Sydney's old buses in the middle of city? There is Transport Heritage Expo held in Sydney and some old buses from upcoming Sydney Bus and Truck museum came out from its garage and take people for a 20-minute ride from Central station to Hyde Park.

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the RED one :)

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  1. 66 years have passed and these pictures still look amazing! My personal favorite is the red double decker bus. And some are still working huh. Now you got me confused, are some of the pictures from 1950's and some are from yesterday? If so, then you're a good photographer since I cannot seem to see the difference from the other pictures. Can you write my essay for me? :) My term paper is up and I like the way you hooked the readers on board (like me) with your illustrations and make them believe that some pictures are from the 50's.

  2. These photos are nostalgic and brings a lot of memories, simple living and where life is not in the fast lane. Something that I can use as a topic for my research paper writing help requirements.

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