The Old Clare Hotel - when heritage building has a new soul

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If you travelling to Australia, especially Sydney, you will find there are many bar + accommodation building types around the city, well it basically a bar with small amount of room or even some of them don't have a space for accommodation (why they called it hotel anyway?). I passed this Old Clare Hotel on November last year for the first time and nothing to curious about it, until I found this article from NY Times about 52 Places to Go in 2016, there is Sydney on number 51 and they mentioned about this hotel, wow there must be something else about it and I started to google it.

Unlisted Collection combined two heritage-listed building which is Clare Hotel pub and the Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building to become their first and newest project in Sydney. Situated in Kensington street and directly stand beside Central Park shopping center and Spice Alley food district. They have 62 rooms in total with 8 different room types, from Connell room, Abercrombie room, Clare room, Chippendale loft, Showroom suite, Mary O' suite, C.U.B suite and Double date with old clare room. They have 1 special room in Connell room types which wheelchair friendly.  

If you google about Clare Hotel Pub, you will see the previous building was and nothing changed today. They kept the exterior and even some of the interior of the building. They basically give a new soul to the heritage building with a young and modern with some old pieces of the previous one. In each room, you will find the part of the old building which they kept as it is and the side of the modern touch.

one of the Connell room's bed

sitting area in Chippendale Loft

wheelchair friendly bathroom in Connell Room
There's only one room with this feature, you can book upon request

one of bathroom in Connell room type
*glass separator bathroom, yihaaa*
(image source : The Old Clare Hotel)

sitting area in Mary O' Suite

sitting area in Mary O' Suite
Can you see the part of old building on the wall?
(image source: The Old Clare Hotel)

sitting area in one of Connell room type 
with one of a kind Rag & Bone desk lamp
(image source : The Old Clare Hotel)

pardon my selfie on Chippendale Loft :P

PSLAB pendant lights
Iconic lamps which will you find in each room type
(image source: The Old Clare Hotel)

If you read some of my hotel reviews, you will see that I often write about quirky & stylish hotel and I'm really glad to finally find this one in Sydney. This hotel not only has a unique interior and exterior but also has unique features inside the room from their PSLAB pendants lights, one of a kind the Rag & Bone desk lamp in each room, custom cushions cover created by former UTS student Eloise Rapp and they use Triumph & Disaster brand for their amenity sets. Oh I can't wait to experience their another properties in Singapore. If you wanna read the review of Wanderlust hotel in Singapore, you can read it on my friend's blog.

1 Kensington Street
Chippendale NSW 2008

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  1. Hotelnya klasik banget tapi bagus di dalamnya :D

  2. harga kaaaak hargaaaa?
    *buang2 duit rupiah*

    1. buang-buang duitnya pas lagi di atas hot air baloon dong, biar aku ngerasa ada ujan duit *lalu dijitak Dita* start 200andollar kak

  3. aku suka nih hotel yg menamakan kamar2nya kyk gini.. ga cuma sekedar deluxe room, superior room, standard room ;p.. kalo dikasih nama connel room, mary o suite, kan jd penasaran gitu ya mei ;)

    1. ihihi iyah, aku suka sama hotel yg kamarnya unik, jadi moto di kamar aja udah bisa ketauan lagi di mana gitu :3

      setiap kamar ada bagian dinding yg ga diubah dari bangunan lamanya loh kak


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