The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar - Redfern

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Down the rabbit hole to sip a good selection of tea. 

As well as we know, Australia is famous for its coffee culture, especially Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney you can find soooo many coffee shops around the city. Sometimes it makes me sad, as I don't drink coffee, but thanks God there are some tea shops stand in the middle of these coffee roasters.

Actually I knew this place since the first week I arrived in Sydney but this lazy lady finally decided to come to this place last week. If you check my tea collection in my cupboard, you will know that I am a Tea Addict, I can't help myself to buy a new variant of tea. 

The Rabbit Hole has 2 stores around Sydney, the first one is in Redfern area and another one is in Barangaroo area. I went to their store in Redfern on last Saturday and yes it was really busy. I dont know whether this place adopted the idea from Alice in Wonderland or not but since the name is rabbit hole, "tea time" and they use playing card as table number. It pretty much reminds me about Alice in Wonderland theme, but without its playful colors. The Interior is white, minimalist and clean, it has dining area and store area (to display their tea collection). Before you come to this place, you might want to check their menus on their website, they changing menu every season.

I decided to order choc orange fudge latte after some time, to be honest I was a little bit confuse on what should I order, they have so many teas menu. It was actually a blend of black tea with chocolate and orange. I added 2 blocks of brown sugar to make it more sweet. I usually never add sugar to my tea but I think It better to be sweet for this one, so I put it. My Latte came quite quick and it was serve in the cute bunny tail cup. 


For my brunch I chose slow cooked beef in black tea sandwich, my friend said it was too heavy for breakfast, but who cares? I need some energy before go to work, hahahaha. Well, although for the winter day you might want to order their soup but I can't help myself when the guest sitting next to me order this menu earlier and the smell of sandwich was really appealing. The mixed of juicy slow cooked beef, tender pickled cauliflower and cheddar cheese were perfect. 

For tea lover, I think this place is a perfect hangout place. I think It wasn't enough for me if I just visit this place one time. I totally enjoyed my brunch here and can't wait for my next visit. Next week, shall we?

*sorry for all 1 x 1 photo types :P *

The Rabbit Hole
146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri || 9am - 4pm
Sat - Sun || 8am - 4pm

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  1. The first Organic Tea Bar i've ever know! Cool!

    Adis takdos
    travel comedy blogger

  2. akupun lbh milih minum teh drpd kopi Mei... :).. suka sih ama kopi, tapi memang udh ga pgn dan bertekad ga mau nyentuh lagi , apalagi sejak berhenti merokok.. kopi jauh2 deh...

    itu sandwichnya, walo ga kecium aroma, tapi udh kliatan kok enak dan juicy dagingnya :D...

    1. hihihi, aku ga doyan kopi euy :(( kalo misalnya pesen frappe aja coffee shotnya dikurangin banget ahhahahah, iyohh kak Sandwichnya beneran enak, beefnya ngingetin sama beef brisketnya Holy smoke di wolter :))

  3. Ngebayangin minum teh anget ama sandwichnya ini Mei. Who cares too heavy fro breakfast ya:D


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