Postcard from Hobart, Tasmania

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I had 3 days holiday in Hobart and I regret it so much, yess I regret it, why it was just 3 days? I should spent one month or more in beautiful and calm Tasmania. Some people said Tasmania is little New Zealand and I could not agree more. New Zealand famous by its greens and beautiful nature and so is Tasmania, they even share some suburb's name. 

I will not write so much in detail about Hobart in this article yet, but hopefully these pictures can tell you so many things.

 City center, those are bus mall bus stops where bus stop glass's facing the street. On the left hand side is Hobart grand post office.

Make sure you visit Hobart on Saturday for Salamanca Market, located at Salamanca Place. You can literally find almost everything you need there. From groceries to clothes, from art craft to handmade soap.

You will fall in love with Salamanca Market, you can find almost all local food here, so you dont have to go anywhere else. On the picture is Salmon sausage in toasted focaccia roll with lettuce and mayo.

Don't forget their local performance, you can see the schedule on the alley.

 One of church on Brisbane street

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 

 One of the unique street sign on Queen Street Mall

Picturesque Franklin Wharf with Mt Wellington on the background

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  1. bener bisa find anything di market itu? Garang Asem ada? wkwkwkk

    1. hahahaha aku nyari bubur ayam kemarin buat sarapan juga ga nemu sih kak :P

  2. Cuma tertarik ama makanannyaaa ^o^.. ihhh puas bgt itu seharian jajan kalo semua serba ada :D

    1. hahaha iyaah, ini aku jajan macem-macem, eh cuma bisa makanan aja sih, soalnya ga bisa beli taneman *mau taruh di mana Mei*
      Baju dan souvenir lainnya juga mahal2 sih menurut aku *akunya aja yg kere sih*

  3. Replies
    1. ayooo balik lagi, duh kemarin pas scoot promo itu, harusnya lu coba beli ke Perth atau Gold Coast kali yaa, pasti muree bgt tuh

  4. Tazi definitely is one of my fave regions in Aussie. So pretty! Also seafood-nya man!

    1. Ayoo balik Tassiee lagi, duh pengen roadtrip ngelilingin Tasmania


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